Embracing Failure: Start Doing the Unthinkable (3 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Precious Kc George

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Some of the best lessons we ever learn are learned from past mistakes. The error of the past is the wisdom and success of the future.
–Dale E. Turner

I’ve always heard people say that “public speaking” is one of the most common fear people face, and at such, they fear to fail at doing it. I was a victim of this. I couldn’t come out to speak in public and even as a student, it was hard to stand in front of people to even say fifteen-worded sentence. I felt like all the people that do speak publicly, had an amazing and out-of-the-world talent.

But I got to realize that the one and only reason I couldn’t speak publicly, was because of how I dreaded it.

Now, I may not say that I’ve perfected my skill in it, but to a large extent, I can speak boldly in large crowds. How was that possible? Because I got to embrace failure as not a problem, but an opportunity to get better. I don’t know what you may have failed in, but just Like public speaking, failure is not inherently bad.

We’re conditioned to avoid it, but there are plenty of reasons to change our perspective on it.

Here are 5 advantages to embracing failure.

1. It teaches us.

Failure creates an emotional experience, so the lessons we learn when it happens stick. Additionally, going through failure narrows down the possible approaches to success. Scientists rely on trial and error in their research. Each failed experiment brings them a little closer to revolutionary breakthroughs just like Thomas Edison who failed over 999 times. Think of your own efforts as experiments. When you don’t get the desired result, figure out why. Then try again with your new knowledge.

2. Failure reveals our ability.

You’ll never know how much weight you can lift until you reach an amount you can’t. Pushing yourself as far as you can lets you know what’s possible. I didn’t think I could run quickly, but when I pushed myself, i was astound at how fast I could go. By avoiding limits, you’ll never reach your peak. The fear of failure stops us a lot shorter than failure itself. I remember a quote someone said, if your fear for failure is not as big as your desire to succeed, you’ll fail. There’s no two ways about it. So, keep going until nothing more is possible. Then celebrate what you’ve accomplished.

3. Failure makes us stronger.

Weight lifters who lift to failure also have learned that is the way they build muscle. At first the tissue is damaged, but it’ll heal bigger and stronger than
before. Sooner, the athlete will be able to lift more weight. The same is true for our pursuits. Just like weight-lifting, Failure strengthens our character. We humans bounce higher than we fall. Know that with each effort, you grow a little stronger.

4. Failure inspires us.

When we don’t let discouragement hold us back, failure makes our desire burn hotter. Often this inspiration is a wish avoid another occurrence. That’s just like Mandela who knew when voices had to be raised and when silence was more effective. He was the liberation movement’s rallying cry through 27 years of incarceration and country’s moral compass once he stepped down from public office. However, the biggest legacy of Mandela is the redemptive power of forgiveness in a world
beset by violence and turmoil. He taught us that complete victory lies not in rage and revenge but in forgiveness. The struggle, oppression, and long years in prison did not make him bitter or vengeful. He opted for reconciliation once the regime which subjugated his people came down. This led to a work ethic that would elevate him to legendary status. If failure makes you work harder or focus more, it’s an experience with tremendous value.

5. Failure is better than regret.

The times I’ve been denied an opportunity never felt as bad as
when I’ve let opportunities pass me by. At least when we fail, we know. Not trying at all leaves us wondering. Avoid kicking yourself later by taking a leap today.

To be honest, failure makes success a little sweeter.
We appreciate victory more when we’ve tasted defeat. Life wouldn’t be fun if things always worked out. Know that your failure is just part of the game we’re all playing. We expend a lot of energy running from failure. Try embracing it. Find the opportunity in the adversity. If there’s a recipe for success, failure might be its primary ingredient.

Embrace failure and start doing the unthinkable Today.

Think Positive, Think Different

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Article Credits: Precious Kc George

Millionaire’s Digest Staff Team, Author

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