How I Never Gave Bullies a Chance to Bully Me (2 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Hannah K.

Founder & Owner of: An Outcast Wayfarer

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Successful Living Writer

This is an important message to everybody who’s getting bullied. or everybody who’s bullying another person. Or someone who wants to read this.

On my old high school you was either a bully, getting bullied or a nobody. Bullying was an indication that said that you’re a funny person.

I didn’t mind to show others, how much I disagreed with that. I was the person who told them, that they’re pathetic and guess what happened next.

They turned to me

SLUT, horseteeth, nerd, freak, weirdo, queer etc. I heard it all, but I never let them get to me.


Because I myself, didn’t believe in it. I wasn’t a slut, I didn’t have horseteeth, I was a nerd and loved it.  I wasn’t queer, but what was actually wrong with being queer?

Never give space for bullies, tell them right away that what they do, only makes them look like a fool. I wish that I had the true antidote against bullying, but I haven’t got it. I do have tips for you, even if I never endured it.

Tip 1

Talk to them. You got the ability to speak up and make a difference.

Tip 2

If you ever feel alone, talk to others. Even if you have no friends, teachers don’t do a thing and your parents don’t care there has to be at least one person who does.

I know, because I was the person who talked to bully victims and I still do talk to bully victims.

Tip 3

Don’t bully anyone else. I often see people who get bullied, bully someone else to empower themselves. This is the worst kind of bullying. Why would you let someone else suffer the same way you do.

All in all, bullying is a serious problem, but don’t let it be the end of the world. But let it make you stronger, so you can save yourself, help others and save them as well.

But don’t worry, we do get more and more tolerant towards each other every day.

And it will all be over maybe, just maybe, but doesn’t that sound like a utopianism?

Article Credits: Hannah K.

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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5 thoughts on “How I Never Gave Bullies a Chance to Bully Me (2 min read)”

  1. I managed to avoid being bullied for the most part in school by keeping my head down and never making myself known to anyone but my close friends. As I got older and saw the bullies grow up, I noticed that some of them had become they things they often criticised. Some calling others ‘queer’ ended up gay, some calling others ‘freaks’ for listening to rock music or metal now wear the same t-shirts. I always keep in my mind that bullies are insecure and how sad that someone is so ashamed of themselves they must torture others. That’s the mentality that got me through it.

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