5 Things 2016 Carved Out of Me (2 min read)

Written By Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Rupali Panse

Founder & Owner of: Drrupalipanse

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Family & Life, Food & Drink and Travel Writer

1. Do it and you will see it. Tongue Vs well-fitting dresses war was on in 2016 too. I did it and I am watching it! The food was the most abused thing in 2016 and now I can see the results in my wardrobe. A neatly folded pile of my favorite tops, tees, and kurtas that tease me. A lesson learned well Mr. 2016!

2. I discovered my love for writing. It’s been many months now, that I regularly write and publish blogs without a miss. I finally start writing my blogs and then some articles for the newspapers. Somehow 2016 was a year of the things doing in a loop. It kept me writing for a good purpose. It kind of disciplined me with respect to the regularity. The habit blessed me with genuine readers and well wishers. The needed pleasure that I was avoiding for the past few years, 2016 made me pen it.

3. Loss of the near one is the greatest loss. 2016 showed me some incidences and they again underlined the bold letters, that life is nothing but certainly uncertain. An unexpected, untimely loss of the life is the cruelest thing. Losing some of the gems of persons and sweet young soul was a pain.

4. The sequence. There are many souls like me on this planet who have a liking for so many things. They love doing multiple things at a time and sometimes can’t get enough of anything. My love for Kathak, reading, practice, and new involvement in social activities and my family. In 2016, I had to withhold my wish to learn something new in every year to keep the above things in correct sequence. Yes, my hobby can’t be a profession and I cannot practice the profession as my hobby. Keeping the work in brain and passion in heart, whoa! 2016 made me do this.

5. People. Surprisingly 2016 was a year of meeting some of the wonderful personalities and gems of the persons. Be it professional occasions or social and family events. I met, explored and was amazed to see! 2016  brought me the pleasure to travel and roam alone at the new place and I literally fell in love with it. Exploring the new place, new people and being only with myself was a new thing and I am looking forward to doing it again!

Wishing all you readers A very Happy New Year!

Article Credits: Rupali Panse

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor


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