Writer’s Challenge: Why You Should Connect with Other Writers (1 min read)

It’s always refreshing to connect with other artists, other writers.  Whether it’s in person, through a workshop, or through social media, writers can learn a lot from each other.  We learn new ideas, how to feed off of each other’s energy, and perhaps see new perspectives that we never dreamt were possible. Since we understand how each others’ minds work, we can offer support and encouragement for each other.

The other night, I complimented a poet on his work.  The poem was rather romantic; his specialty is love poetry, often telling tales of his own sweet desires and past loves.  He really digs deep, offering up himself and his soul for the whole world to view, cutting himself wide open.  That’s where some of the best creative works come from…that personal place, through an artistic form that otherwise could not be shared.  He appreciated my compliment, and even offered me a challenge: he asked me to “respond” to one of his poems, a piece that he directed towards a woman with whom he wanted a relationship .  I assumed the persona of that woman, and created my own poem on the fly.  I wrote this within 5-10 minutes.

Mind you, I’m a better poetry READER than a poet, but I gave it shot and he seemed pleased.  Here’s what I came up with:

That ache, that passion and deep affection

that I felt for him

was hard to place properly into words.

Rather than using my tongue

to show my loving expressions with speech,

I used it for extensive probing of his body,

slowly exploring all the masculine sections of him

that my fingertips missed.

From this exercise and connection, I learned that you never really know what you’re capable of until you try.  You learn new things from the right people every day; and you should never walk away from a challenge.  This is how we grow; and how we may become better writers and artists.  This is how true art is created.  Keep growing, keep learning, keep connecting, and keep an open mind.

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