A Mother Dies by Arusha Topazzini

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A Mother Dies by Arusha Topazzini – Book Review

Arusha loses her mother due to cancer. This common and hard to survive from illness takes over an everlasting bond of love and separates a mother from her daughter in a very touching way.

Although this book references cancer, the cause and how Arusha’s mother battles with it, the focus is more on the journey that she takes and how it affects them both.

I have reviewed several books on death, dying and how to survive afterward which you can read by clicking on the links on my website (links below). However, this book is more personal, and you cannot help but shed some tears over the way Arusha articulates her emotions and what she personally expresses in her book.

On Death and Dying

No one has to die alone

Losing a mother is an incredibly hard experience regardless of what race or age you are. It is the strongest bond of all and once broken, in some instances, will consume the mental mind and disrupt the whole physical and mental mannerism of a being. The psychological approach towards life raises many questions to an individual’s core existence. You experience feelings you may never knew existed.

How you survive or cope with this whole sensitive hard encounter is up to the individual itself. However, that is not what I want to review here. I noticed that the book is titled “A Mother” and not “My Mother.” I found this approach to be incredibly touching. Although the story is about Arusha’s journey and her mother, she chose to dedicate it to all mothers not just her own. For this reason, alone Arusha deserves admiration.

This is a short story but very insightful and necessary. While we do not want to face this challenging time that will come to every one of us, at least we know there are ways to deal with it.

I recommend this book to anyone dealing with loss or wishes to read a story written from the heart.

I am ending this review with the Authors own words

“My wish is that these words will accompany others as they too, traverse fragile times, or times of stillness and self-reckoning. And my hope is that these words will mean something to them.”

 Article Credits: Jeyran Main

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