The Helper by M. N. Snow – Book Review

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The Helper by M. N. Snow – Book Review

The Helper is a book written about three friends with three secrets. It takes you on a journey where friendship, relationships and the desire to help others means more than anything. They have the power to heal people, meaning they are a giver.

John Sloan is a marine and loses this generous ability. Since that is all he knows to be from the age of four, the loss takes on several tumbles and falls to figure out why and how to now carry on without it. Dusty Hakalla is a healer with a past. His powers were once abused, and he is not quiet over this ordeal. Deena Morrison is John’s love interest and is also a healer. She too has a past where she was adopted and does not know much about her biological parents.

The helper begins with an absolutely beautiful prologue. I highly recommend readers to start the book with that. It truly gives you an insight on what you are to expect walking into this story. I use the term “walking” because it was truly a walk-through rather than a read through. The use of accurate terminology, wording and the high-quality literature standard flying off the pages impacted my vision so much so that I was off my scale of conception.

There is quite a substantial amount of backstory to how everything begins for all three friends. The chapters are short and easy to read through. The connection between the characters and the bond between them was touching. All of them had relatable personalities and were written up to draw you in. The setting of the world and description was very well put together, and the plot did consist of enough twists and drama to keep you reading and feel engaged. I have also to add that there is profanity regularly used across the book.

I recommend this book to anyone that loves to read on magical realism, science fiction, and fantasy stories. I look forward to reading more from this author.

 Article Credits: Jeyran Main

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