Written by: Kalin Wachsmuth

My name is Kalin Wachsmuth, creator of KDS. I am someone like everyone else in this world. Typical, average, even somewhat experienced in certain areas. One word can describe me in so many ways: WARRIOR. Why would I say that though?

I have autism, something that always held me back no matter what I did. Socializing, learning, even thinking. I happened to be typical like everyone else but different at the same time. DIFFERENT. It’s actually a word that can describe, well, everyone in the world.

Let me tell you this: No one is the same person if you were to compare two random people in the world. Not to get off topic but back to what I was saying about having autism, it’s not a disability. Rather, I subtract the word “dis” out of the equation and what word do I get? ABILITY. Ability is what makes me unique.

Struggles get in my way? I’m working on it. Thinking that life is over for me? It goes away and I’m back on my feet. Me wanting a girlfriend? Well that’s WAY too off topic. However like I said before, WARRIOR is the one word that makes me Always Unique, Totally Interesting, Sometimes Mysterious, and so on. Look back at that last sentence I said just now. I spelled out Autism with six words. Now get this: How would you feel if someone like me could make history one day not only for himself but for others too? That’s what my mission in life is which is to make history while having autism.

I would say to visit my social media in this story. You can if you want. Before I reach word capacity, there’s one thing I want to say before I go: TRY, CONQUER, ACHIEVE, REPEAT.

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4 thoughts on “Warrior”

  1. That’s amazing Kalin. I can tell you that even most ‘able’ people do not have the capability to write such a well-written post to begin with. From that alone, you have outshone many people that feel they have more abilities than you. Good luck in your mission to make history. To the few that have read your article, you already have.



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