Jumping Over the Edge when It Comes to Taking Risks (2 min read)

Written By Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Kenyona Copeland

Founder & Owner of: Christian Tea Talk & Podcast Blog

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Author, Books, Successful Living and Writing Writer

Taking risks are no easy challenges, I don’t think falling off a bike and getting up has anything to do with taking a risk, that’s more of learning to master something continuously until you have it down packed. Risk-taking is a little bit different. Follow me, if you will:

1. HAVE A PLAN. Too many of us try to take risks without a plan. I like to look at things positively, so let’s say when you make that jump and you land a huge deal with a publisher or something I would expect that after that point you have a plan. Will you be changing over into your new career full-time? Meaning putting in all of the effort that is needed for the continuing success of your vision.

2. MAKE A FEW SACRIFICES. I’m not telling you to be totally weird and completely isolate yourself from the world -if you know that you procrastinate a lot, maybe you can start by changing that with a sacrifice. If you’re constantly on Instagram way too much, spend less time with it. Same applies for my darlings who enjoys the television box!

3. KNOW YOUR REASON BEHIND YOUR CHOICES. It’s safe to know why you made the choice to quit your job, to follow your dreams full-time. This ensures that no one was behind the reason you made the decision, and that everything was made because it’s what you were ready to do. The better you know your reason, the more happier you’ll be! And the more you’ll walk into opportunities.

4. TIME MANAGEMENT. Put in the work for your own dream, like how you stand at the cash register at Target or Starbucks! Do think that you’re doing it all for nothing. If you take a few jobs, make sure it has a lot to do with the risk you’re taking. Example, since I am now more into my writing -I’ll be making my marks here and there with little paid writing jobs. The more you’re doing work around your dreams/passion, the more you’ll be prepared for when the bigger things come to you.

5. DON’T LOOK BACK. Once you’ve moved forward and it’s set in your mind that you’re going to chase your dreams, DO NOT look back! If you find yourself doing that, you’re going to miss what’s ahead, because you’re too busy giving the old things attention. Keep in mind what’s important to your dream and just go to work (on your vision).

Article Credits: Kenyona Copeland

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

(For Book, Writing, Journal Bloggers & More)

12 thoughts on “Jumping Over the Edge when It Comes to Taking Risks (2 min read)”

  1. Nothing can match your first and second point. Though I agree with all the points, but first two are like, they have to be followed.
    There is no point in taking risk without any plan. As failing to plan is planning to fail.
    A helpful write-up. 🙂

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  2. Well written article! I think you’re right with all of them. It’s not that easy to make those sacrifices, though. I found it helped to put an app on my phone that locks it so I can work without feeling the urge to check it. If Instagram’s the problem, I know those add-ons exist for browsers as well.

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