Living a Full Life


Yesterday’s gospel reminds me again of the reason why He came:  in order that we might have a life- life in its fullness. But what is a life that is full after all? How can we measure if a life is full, half-full or as we often heard it, empty?




I am sorry to disappoint you but after doing some research I realized I cannot really answer this question in 500 to 600 word, my limitation on every blog article I do. Now let me just share my reflections on life’s fullness with my everyday living.


Nursing studies taught me to look at the person as a whole human being.  It means a well-balanced human structure that includes physical, psychological, interpersonal and social aspects. Stability of this component should be maintained, otherwise, survival is at risk. But I realized something is missing here.




It brings me to questioning myself, am I living a life that is full? And how will I know? I started looking at the stuff I am composed of; body, soul, and spirit. How is my body or my physical being? My physical existence is a validation of my internal condition, my soul, and my spirit. How will I measure those things inside of me if not by the way I am living my life today. And here comes the hard stuff.


My life sucks. I am always in a constant struggle, a never-ending roller coaster, a moment of peace followed by decades of chaos. Is it because I never recognized His voice? Or I knew His voice but was too stubborn to listen? Living full life demands that I follow His voice, otherwise, I will be out of the pasture.




Now am I in or am I out? I look at every area of my life and every circumstance I have at this very moment.  I checked on my kids, they’re fine. Everyone had their own things, their own failures, and triumphs. I am confident they can face whatever life gives them; in the first place, they are not mine. So I put all my trust in God, Thy will be done. If life’s fullness can be measured by the relationship we build among our children, I must say I’m filled.


But that is not enough. I have my husband to deal with, 24 hours a day even when I’m asleep. He is sleeping beside me and every movement and noise we made during sleeping time do matter. We both work at home on different things. I write, he talks. I sell, he gives. And currently, we are facing an issue we took for granted for the longest time, our finances. We are in knots. It is not full, it is a deficit.




And this was something we really look into realizing that many people in the late stage of life forget that fullness of life encompasses not only of raising up children to finish school and get themselves a job. And the fullness of life cannot only be measured by the length and quality of time we stay with our partners for better or for worse, it demands so much more.




Being happy, reaching our dreams, doing something significant before we leave this earth and making a difference is not even enough as well, to say that we live a full life. Life in its fullness is a moment by moment encounter with His presence knowing His voice that we do not mind everything else but Him. The fullness of life can only be measured by the size He occupies in all aspect of our everyday living.

Have a fulfilling weekdays ahead everyone!




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