2 Quick Tips for Writing “How To” Guides (1 min read)

If writing how-to blog posts is something you write about for your Readers, than here’s 2 quick tips that will get your Readers to remember them every time!

1. Solve a problem or fill a specific need for your audience: Detailed how-to guides are only helpful if they actually solve a real problem for your audience. For example, if your audience consists of solo-entrepreneurs who have been in business for 5+ years, a tutorial on setting up WordPress is probably not going to help them much, but a tutorial on how they can build additional passive income through multiple streams really speaks to them in a whole new perspective.

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2. Break them up: When things start getting too complicated in your how-to guides (as most often do), break them up visually. How…? You can do this by creating:

  • Checklists
  • Quotes
  • Bullet Points

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Most people don’t like to read long block paragraphs. After all, if I was to write this in one big long paragraph, than chances were you wouldn’t have read it… And I’m sure your readers would’ve been the same way if you we’re to do the same exact thing.

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Article Credits Go Respectably to Entrepreneur Media, Inc.

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