How Jogging Can Change Your Life (1 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Eliezer Ntim

Founder & Owner of: Diary of a Growing Black Man

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Health & Fitness Writer

Have you ever taken some time off your daily schedule to jog some few minutes? Well it can be a good start to a bright day.

Jogging is among the most popular weight loss programs performed today. Even though jogging targets muscles of the lower body in particular, the muscle that receives the greatest workout is the heart.

The most important equipment you will need for jogging will be:

1. A good pair of shoes. However, there are a few other items that you may want to consider to make your jogging workout more comfortable and pleasant.

2. Good non-restrictive clothing to keep you overheating in a warm weather.

3.You should also have a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated.

4. Finally, an MP3 player can help occupy your mind and reduce the chance of boredom.

1. Always stretch and warm up properly before beginning your jog. A good way to stretch is by walking a short distance before jogging.
2. Always ensure that your body is relaxed while jogging.
3. Stay hydrated and do not overexert yourself.
4. Find a suitable place where you can jog. Be careful where you run. Choose locations that are safe, with lots of people around and as few cars as possible.
5. Run with a friend. It really helps to have someone about the same level of ability as you to run with. You’ll encourage each other when you’re not so keen to run.
6. Slowly increase your distance over time. Remember, you’ll be able to jog a greater distance once you’re in better shape and can move further, faster.
7. Eat right. You do not want to jog on a full stomach: this can make you weak or even sick. Any fruit or just a bottle of water can start your journey.
8. Breathe deeply and evenly. If you get lightheaded, stop! Give yourself some rest and air.
9. Jogging in the morning will kickstart your metabolism and give you more energy to get through your day.
10. Jog for the right reasons. Setting goals will give you something to work toward. A tangible end-point will help you feel like you’re making progress.
Finally, Cool down. Cool down to avoid injury. Jog slowly and then walk for a few minutes before stopping. Finish your cool down with some stretching.

Article Credits: Eliezer Ntim

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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28 thoughts on “How Jogging Can Change Your Life (1 min read)”

  1. Nice post. I have just started running this week – with the aim of running a half marathon at the end of October. I am not exactly the fittest person in the world but I have set myself a whole lot of goals and off I go. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Very inspirational, although I am in no way an athlete, I run at least 3 or twice a week. Even going as far as tracking and recording as most technology offer, will most considerably increase your running confidence in my opinion of course


  3. I remember when I used to jog every morning last year or so! It not only changed how I felt physically, but mentally as well- I definitely relate to this piece.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂


    Liked by 1 person


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