How to Develop Rapidly (1 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Ivan S.

Founder & Owner of: Colourful Life Notes

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Art, Photography, Successful Living, Travel and Writing Writer

In life you can’t grow unless you step outside your comfort zone – it’s that simple. Nobody became great by laying around and doing nothing. Whenever we decide to face our fears and worries – that’s when we progress! We are not the social status, physic or intellect we receive in the day we are born, we are the decisions we take in the present moment. Do you want to know why there are so many people who talk about their dreams and end up with the eloquently said words imprisoned in their mouth? Because they never get to follow their instinct,they are afraid of the world and the troubles it may present. They find comfort in staying in the same place their entire life,risk is too big of a price to pay!

For me development comes from experience. During the past years I have never been super good-looking,muscular or socially confident  – what I am right now as personality is greatly influenced by the decisions I have been taking during these years.

Most of these decisions have something in common and it is my perpetual principle to always go through the toughest path. I have done it so much times and do you know what? I have met such incredible people, experienced sooooo many amazing moments and developed outstandingly in several aspects of my personality. Even though I continue to face huge struggles I have never been more determined to pass, I am aware of my powers and I believe in myself. My will-power is my confidence and I can finally acknowledge the vastness of my opportunities.

Of course there have been depressing, heartbreaking and embarrassing moments. I still have insecurities, doubts and worries. I am not perfect! But do you know what? I have no regrets – appreciation is my shelter! I may fall down but the greatest ability of humans does not lie in falling down. But in jumping back on one’s feet and attempting to fly once again.

Self-development is the process of facing difficulties. Confidence is the acknowledgment of your powers. Greatness is the power to keep on developing and receiving confidence.

Article Credits: Ivan S.

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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