The Key to Being an Amazing Reader (2 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Precious Kc George

Founder & Owner of: Think Digest

Millionaire’s Digest Staff Team, Author, Successful Living Writer

“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader” W. Fussellman

Just as the body needs to be bathed in order for it not stink, our mind constantly needs to be fed on books in order for us to grow and improve.

Have you met people that are just the way they were even after they had read quality life-changing books?
They still have the same alibis, opportunities and problems. It just seems as though nothing had change. They are like a rocking chair that’s set in motion but stationary.

Well I have. There were times I read a given book without getting something out of it. I was shocked to find out that the problem why what I read had no impact was because of ME! I was amazed to even ask myself, if that was what I read before. Besides speed reading and memory boosters when reading, one question you should think about is, What have you done in order to get more from what you just read?

Sometimes, it just seem as though people unplug their clocks and remain stagnant at a fixed moment for as long as they can recall. Which is absolutely wrong. As humans, living is directly proportional to growth. It’s only at death that we stop growing except according to myth, our nails and hairs.

I have read books and few which i have shared on my blog. I got to realize that a person who read over 30 books or more without working on understanding, adopting and practicing the laid secrets in that book is no better than a person who reads just 2 books and worked getting more out of what he read. Don’t just read a book because someone read it, be in expectation of getting something when you read it.

Here are 3 Simple ways to improve yourself from what you read.

1. Learn from everyone.

It’s always good after reading a great book, to discuss it with not just your friends but also people around you. Don’t just have a specific people to learn from, learn from everyone. You could learn from one person on what to do, from another, what not to do.

2. Learn to ask the right questions.

This was one of my recent findings. There’s a difference between asking a question and actually asking the right question. This is somewhat like meditating. Everyone can ask a question but how many, ask the right questions? This was one of the secrets i got to know after reading biographies of successful people. The right answers can be found if and only if, the right questions are being asked.

3. Practice what you’ve read.

One great task is to read and another pivotal task is practicing what you’ve just read. A week or more (depending on the content), could be OK for you to practice the techniques leveraged to you –that’s one of the greatest reasons why a book is written.

As a reader, you’ve an opportunity to live many lives. What matters is not the number of life you live but actually what you learnt from those experiences. Readers are leaders. Be a student of life.

Did I miss out something, how do you get more from what you read?

Article Credits: Precious Kc George

Millionaire’s Digest Staff Team, Author

(For Book, Writing, Food Bloggers & More)

42 thoughts on “The Key to Being an Amazing Reader (2 min read)”

  1. Very Well said Reader’s are Leader’s and remain a student for Life. You have to be a sponge all through out our life, don’t know where we will get life lessons from.

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  2. finally someone that doesn’t tell you: how to read more in less time, but how to read better and learn more with less books!

    recently, i started having a new approach to reading which is: to be a writer! haha it works. i do it this way: every time i read something, i have a notebook by my side and i write the quotes/ideas that appeal to me or intrigues me. then i stop reading and i write what i think about of what i just read, and then i find ways to apply it to my own life.

    you should try it too. (;

    your friend,

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  3. Hey George. Thanks for a clear, succinct post.
    I really agree with you that discussing a book which has made an impact on you with others is a great way to consolidate more what you have learned from it. It fixes the concepts more easily in your head. Then you are more likely to remember the concepts presented.
    Regards, Marie

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    1. Exactly just like tiny dots connected interchangeably, it aids all the scattered ideas to have a big impact in our action too. In other words, as you did put it fixes the concepts so easily for us to remember.

      Have a beautiful month ahead Marie.

      Much love

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    2. I agree as well. I used to talk about or explain what I’ve read as a way of making myself sure I understood it. Until I soon noticed that what it may seem interesting or fascinating to me can be a total boredom to others. Then I started to use mindmaps as a great tool to organize information and learn it much better. πŸ™‚

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  4. This article perfectly elaborates the notion that ‘we are what we read’. Reading should not be taken as an objective. Every book has a story to tell and lessons to learn. What’s the point of reading if you don’t get anything out of it. The key points mentioned above are quite useful in attaining the book experience for anybody looking to grow intellectually. We are also running a small social campaign that aims for young generation to understand that. Maybe you can help us support and encourage. Check us out at

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