Lessons from Our Fathers (4 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Nola Crow

Founder & Owner of: 4373 Fashion Lane

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Beauty and Fashion Writer

Beyonce! Yes! Beyonce has sparked something in me about her song, Daddy Lessons.

Song: “Daddy Lessons” By Beyonce.

***Came into this world
Daddy’s little girl

And daddy made a soldier out of me

Daddy made me dance

And daddy held my hand

**And daddy liked his whisky with his tea

And we rode motorcycles

Blackjack, classic vinyl

***Tough girl is what I had to be

He said take care of your mother
Watch out for your sister

Oh, and that’s when he gave to me…

***With his gun, with his head held high
He told me not to cry

Oh, my daddy said shoot

**With his right hand on his rifle

He swore it on the bible

My daddy said shoot

Oh, my daddy said shoot

He held me in his arms

And he taught me to be strong

He told me when he’s gone

Here’s what you do

When trouble comes to town

And men like me come around

Oh, my daddy said shoot

***Daddy made me fight
It wasn’t always right

But he said girl it’s your second amendment, oh, oh, oh

He always played it cool

But daddy was no fool

And right before he died he said remember…

****He said take care of your mother
Watch out for your sister

And that’s when daddy looked at me…

****With his gun, with his head held high
He told me not to cry

Oh, my daddy said shoot…

***My daddy warned me about men like you.

He said baby girl he’s playing you

He’s playing you

My daddy warned me about men like you

He said baby girl he’s playing you

He’s playing you

Cause when trouble comes in town

And men like me come around

Oh, my daddy said shoot

What lessons can you learn from your daddies life?

This one is a mouthful. We celebrate father’s day, but what lessons can we learn from our fathers? Especially for us women, being gatekeepers in our families.

I maintain the gatekeeper role in my family, consisting of, my husband, son and I. My husband grew up with both parents in the home, brother, sister, & family pet. My husband was a private school kid, Boy Scout, catholic church and relatives, who all owned their own homes and lives in the same neighborhood. His grandmother Dot, cooked every Sunday and all of the family (aunts, uncles & cousins), would come over and eat Sunday dinner. They weren’t perfect, but to me, they were.

On the other hand, I can attest that I grew up in a dysfunctional family home: Mother, siblings, mothers (friends) coming in and out. These men, in my mother’s life, were bad examples of father figures. I learned about inappropriate things because I didn’t have my father to watch out for me. I grew up angry, and of a vengeful spirit. I fought a lot, at home and school. My father, his parents split before he was even born, at least they were married before he was born.

What lessons did I learn?

I persevered through it all: graduated from college, graduate school, became an educator, advocate for the disabled population, etc.

To maintain lessons from my father or any father: 

  1. If you want a family fight to keep it: I don’t feel my father fought hard enough to keep my brother and I in his life. He knew we grew up in an abused home, but didn’t come for us. He left us there. 
  2. If you make vows,  keep them. 
  3. Raise your kids with a family circle in mind: meaning (mother, father, kids, home. 
  4. Never give up: my father gave up on his family, when the road he traveled with my mom was too tough. He went off and made a new family with another 1st daughter & 2nd son. This has ruined the relationship he could have had with my younger brother. How? He named the new son after himself. This has affected my brother tremendously. My father & I continue to have talks about him not grasping the magnitude of that action on my brother 37 years later. 
  5. Keep God close to you: For me, this is the only way I can write this post today. God covered me & I can testify to that🙏🏼😎
  6. Keep somethings in a vault: We have a tendency to want to tell everthing to our spouses, but somethings, should be kept between you and God. You can explain logically, to your spouse, that for the peacekeeping of your marriage, there are some doors that should remain closed! I didn’t do that, and there are times I felt judged. People are human and cannot handle what the truth is. 
  7. Keep a relationship with your parents: depending on the situation. I know some people have limits on how much they can handle. 
  8. Seek professional help if overwhelmed.
  9. Be honest about you short falls. 
  10. Be worthy of love: you are worthy of love. Live in the truth of this. 😘

In the end, celebrate love and family. God has brought me and you all from a mighty long way. Bask in the Glory of that and never lose sight of where God has brought you from. Don’t forget to love your children. They are the best parts of you. 💞👈🏽

Article Credits: Nola Crow

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

(For Beauty, Writing, Book Bloggers & More)

6 thoughts on “Lessons from Our Fathers (4 min read)”

  1. Jesus you could have been writing about me there that was so strange to read. Except my father chose to make his sons name an anagram of his name and his girlfriend’s and then when I was 15 he just stopped contacting us x What doesn’t kill you … x

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