Lose Weight Effectively Without Changing Your Diet (3 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Nathan Ferreira

Founder & Owner of: Apex Fitness Co.

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Healthy Living Writer

My Plan

In the world of fitness the number one problem people come across when it comes to losing weight is having a proper diet. Dieting is a hard thing to do, that I understand completely. Fortunately, for people lacking the will to stick by a diet plan, there is hope for you. The key lies within “Intermittent Fasting”.

Usually when people hear/read the term “fasting,” they think of starving themselves. But this is not the case. I have heard about intermittent fasting years ago but never tried it until a few weeks before writing this post. My current program that I am following consists of having a 16 hour window where you fast and only drink water.

Currently, I start fasting from 11 pm until 3 pm the next day. This means that my eating window is constricted to 8 hours a day. In the 23 days that i have been intermittent fasting, I already lost 10 lbs. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the weight I lost was water weight, but I definitely notice a difference as far as my body fat percentage is concerned.

Aside from fasting, I have been drinking a gallon of water a day in order to keep my water retention levels as low as possible and to keep my fat loss at its peak. The best part is, I only intermittent fast 4 days a week since I am trying to preserve as much of my muscle and strength as possible.

Just remember, try reaching your macronutrient intake goals even though your eating window is severely limited. I like to eat every 1.5-2 hours during said window while consuming 40-50 grams of protein in each meal with a minimal fat intake as well as a restricted carbohydrate intake.

How Does Intermittent Fasting work?

This aspect of weight-loss is simple. Going 16 hours a day without eating keeps your body in fat-burning mode, while also increasing growth hormone levels in our bodies. Fasting for 16 hours also keeps our insulin levels low, thus keeping our bodies in desperation mode where it is still focused on burning fat in order to provide ourselves with a sufficient amount of energy to function.

My number one rule is to stay hydrated, and if you do so, this plan will be much easier than it sounds. I also like to take BCAA’s and glutamine in the morning in order to help preserve muscle mass. I plan on intermittent fasting for another month or so or until i am satisfied with my weight-loss before beach season is officially here.

I encourage people reading this post to try this fasting plan. I feel healthier overall and leaner than I can ever remember. Comment below on what your thoughts are if you are willing to try this challenge so I can follow along and see how your journey in intermittent fasting unfolds.

Article Credits: Nathan Ferreira

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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47 thoughts on “Lose Weight Effectively Without Changing Your Diet (3 min read)”

  1. Hi Nathan! Thank you for sharing this post. I was really struggling to lose weight this time. I have been gaining weight steadily for the last three years (after I loss my son). I thought it was the emotions but I feel I had to work on this now. I tried fasting and the most I can do is 8 hours and eat uncontrollably after! May I ask your help on how I can do this Intermittent Fasting. I immediately thought of withholding food from 2 pm until 6 am. Is that right? I really appreciate hearing from you, Thanks,

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  2. This should go viral because I myself need to lose a few pounds as well since I want my muscles to show, NOT fat covering them up! I’m definitely sharing this article because I think it shows that there IS hope for achieving this kind of goal!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Lol wisdom.

      I however have decided to rock the belly look 😉 I feel with all the hipster trends and such going on right now that this must be making a come back sooner or later Lol

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Thats what i was thinking as well, but i think me staying active and still meeting my macro goals has deterred that from happening. Ive also been taking l-carnitine which increases fat metabolism which i feel is a perfect supplement to go along with this fasting process.

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      2. I’d like to compare it’s effectiveness with the methods I used of a high protein, low GI carb and cheat meals. I also used some supplements and things like ice baths to raise base metabolic rate.

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  3. Great read! I have never done intermittent fasting specifically, but over the years I have noticed that on days where I “accidentally” fasted it was a race against the clock to hit my macros 😂. It must be tough to hit yours in an 8 hour window though. You must get tired of food lol.
    Keep up the good work! 🖒

    Liked by 6 people

    1. Yea it’s a bit challenging to hit my protein goal considering how I’m 210 lbs and I usually surpass that mark but it’s possible.. Sometimes come up a little short but for the most part all ends up being right where I want it to be.

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