Understanding Death (2 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Jerry Peri

Founder & Owner of: Jerri Perri

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Family & Life, Religion, Stories and Successful Living Writer

Death happens because it has to happen! Anyone can die when his time is up. It is when a person stops to breath, when all his body functions ceases that we say such a person is dead. We feel so terrified of such situations because we believe the separation is permanent, we have no idea of how the hereafter is and even if we do, we do not know when it will be our time!


No matter our level of maturity or preparedness, when death strikes our loved ones, or an enemy, we always have deep feelings, but death should be something to look forward to, because it is a gift, which other created beings don’t have! They live long monotonous lives of boredom, while to us humans, it is a transformation from one level of existence to another!

Purpose Of Existence

Although it is difficult to understand the real purpose of our existence, which has long been believed to be for God’s pleasure, one wonders the pleasure in the death of a newly born that lived for only a few hours or just minutes, or even a stillbirth!

The way some people died also causes concern to the nature of the pleasure, as some were mercilessly killed or even butchered, some while even in the act of worshipping God!

Our purpose of existence is to allow the desires and will of God in us to function, by our submission through the act of praise, worship, thanksgiving and most importantly to live by the golden rule of love;

1. Love the Lord thy God with all thine heart.
2. Love thy neighbour as thyself.

Nature Of God

All these worries will be clear, when we understand the nature of God!

God is a supreme being, the Supremest of all Supremes, an omnipotent, omnipresent being. To know Him is to abandon the self into His (God’s) consciousness, to melt into the living ether, thus transformed into a full spirit entity!

God’s nature is love! He acts to His own pleasures for our sakes! Whatever He allows to happen to us is for His glory and our security or larger spiritual privilege. The things we see as bad happenings to us, are actually meant to prepare us for an overwhelming situation of greatness, uplifting us to His supreme level, so that we can see and understand why things must happen as they do.

Life Nourishing Life

Everything created is created to compliment another creation, the way every occurrence in life balances another life situation! Every thing is either a part or an aspect of another, be it a situation of life, a substance, or a being! Doing good or bad is often determined by situations, the way good or bad things happened to us based on our situations. It is a universal reality!

The death of an infant, or a stillbirth might not make sense, but it is a divine act of revealing God to mankind. We are to understand that although it has been said that “the wages of sin is death” and an infant is not supposed to have sinned, the breath of life is actually God’s breathe and life gives to life and takes from life to nourish life! So when an infant or a child dies, we are expected to understand that our actions and inactions are not the things that caused it, but life nourishing life!

No amount of sin can cause death and no level of innocence or purity can prevent death! Such is the philosophy in the death of infants and the longevity of the wicked.


The death ascribed to sin is the death of the soul, a condemnation to a life of an eternity of suffering, where the sinner, has no peace of mind, is living in constant fear, the heart always dark, can never have or give love cause it has been taken from him and even when his body is tired and is ready for transformation, he will wake up in the other side a condemned slave!

Article Credits: Jerry Peri

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor


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