What’s Your Why? (2 min read)

Written By Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Dino Gautam

Founder & Owner of: Urban Confucius

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Stories, Successful Living and Technology Writer

What is the fundamental factor that drives you to do what you do? Why? These questions are important and faced by all. Being able to answer this and understanding the primary purpose behind your work is important to find true happiness in all your future endeavors. Whether it be in sports, school, or business, knowing your “why” is an important concept to understand.

“What’s your why” was popularized by Eric J. Thomas, a motivational speaker based out Chicago, Illinois USA. In his motivational video, he talks about his “why” and explains a key trait behind successful people. His “why” was being born into a family who received little education and became homeless for a period.

Likewise, another motivational speaker,  Les brown, was adopted and labeled as “educable mentally retarded” when growing up. Their situation didn’t phase them because they had a hunger to ascend to higher levels. However, they both had one thing in common; their WHY gave them that extra strength to invest in themselves and improve their situation to pave the way for continuing success.

For many of us the word “why” isn’t big enough in our lives, hence the reason as to why some people want success more than others. Is it a coincidence that those that live in “poverty” have a greater “why” than to those raised in an affluent family? Those born with wealth are less inclined to give their maximum effort because they are typically a step closer towards success – unless they decide to do so without it.

There are hardships that everyone deals with in life but being able to FIND YOUR WHY is what will take you a step closer toward success in life. It will be difficult, but what is it that drives you? Your family? Your children?

The ability to answer “what’s your why” stems from early childhood. In particular, this is prevalent in societies where parents consistently force their opinions. For instance, parents place considerable pressure on children to get into Grammar Schools. But who can blame parents? They want what’s best for the kids. Right?

Bringing up children in a competitive society driven by the government status quo and reputation-obsessed schools is a concern. Another example is breaking into an Investment Bank. At least 80% of undergraduate students I met have a “passion” for Investment Banking, yet most don’t understand the basic principles. I always ask them why and it challenges many. I often find their heart being in the wrong place with their passion driven by false motives. The moral is to think deeper and deconstruct your thoughts and train yourself to ask why to yourself and others.

“I often find their heart being in the wrong place with their passion driven by false motives.”

My why is being born into a family who came to the UK from an undeveloped country and managed to prosper with little money in their pockets. They’re why we’re larger than life and it was a huge factor to why I have been provided this platform today.  Every day, this is the motto I try to live by and it keeps me wanting to drive towards prosperity and achieve success in life to help provide for my own family the same way my parents provided for us; so they don’t have to suffer the way we did.

Remember. Greatness is upon us all. We all have a why.

What’s your why?

Article Credits: Dino Gautam

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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  1. Simon Sinek also does some great talks/writing on the ‘why’ driver. Will definitely check out the others you mentioned in the post!

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