5 Off Beat Places to Shop in Dubai (2 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Kani Karthick

Founder & Owner of: Kani’s View

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Beauty, Books and Entertainment Writer

Dubai is very quickly becoming everyone’s favorite shopping destination in the world! One can find every single brand from across the globe, sold under a single roof in this amazing little city! But just for a moment let’s forget Prada, Gucci, Mango, Zara, Chanel etc. There are a few lesser known Shops in Dubai that can satisfy your shopping needs without burning a hole in your pocket!

1. Labels or Love, Karama.

This is a very tiny little apparels store located very close to the Burjuman Mall, Karama, Dubai. If you did not read about it here, you wouldn’t even know it existed! It has the best ever collection of apparels. You can find cute and chic dresses, Evening Gowns, Party Dresses, Formalwear, Casual Wear, Tees and Jeans, Leggings and Jeggings, up until Lingerie! The prices are seriously unbeatable too. You can get a beautiful flowing gown for as low as 120 AED and a Tee-Shirt for about 15 AED! Every time I enter this store, I wonder how they can fit so much in so little space!

2. Ansar Gallery, Karama.

It is kind of a supermarket and it has been opened very recently too. It is located at the end of Khalid Bin Al Waleed Road, Karama, Dubai. It is quite huge and cannot be missed. Ansar gallery is a host to a lot of products from a lot of categories. They have Groceries, Fruits and Vegetables and a wide range of other food items. They also have utensils, Kitchenware, Furniture, Decorations, Electronics, and appliances etc. Coming to my favorites, They have an amazing collection of Ladies Bags, Shoes and Apparels. Their Perfumes section is pretty amazing too. I also found some really cute dresses and accessories for my Daughter at their Infants Section! The best part is how competitive their prices are! The phrase “So Much for So Less” actually fits here.

3. Day to Day, 4 branches in Dubai.

Day to Day started out as this tiny little store in Karama. Anything you pick at this store, it would cost between 2 AED and 5 AED. They had a range of gifts, stationery, utensils, cosmetics, and accessories etc. The products are all ‘Made in China’ and imported (Thus the low prices). They must be doing really well ever since because currently, they have 4 branches in Dubai. The price range is not 2 AED to 5 AED anymore but they still have very competitive prices! They have also expanded their catalog to Apparels, Shoes, bags, Home Decor and much much more!

4. Meena Bazaar, Al Quoz.

This is not exactly a store. It is more of a shopping area (can be guessed by the word bazaar). It is spread over a small area and hosts a lot of shops. One can find anything from A to Z in this area and if you are able to bargain well, You will come home with a lot of amazing stuff and a huge smile on your face! Of course, It is more of an Indian marketplace selling traditional Indian clothes and jewelry. That doesn’t mean people from other nationalities cannot find anything interesting. There are shops that sell very beautiful oxidized metal jewelry, colorful bags and shoes, Perfumes and watches, Home Decor etc.

5. CenterPoint, Kuwait St- Dubai.

This is kind of a mini shopping mall hosting 4 huge brands- Splash, Lifestyle, Shoe Mart and Baby Shop. They have an amazing range of apparels, accessories, shoes and bags. Lifestyle is pretty much the god of Home Decor, It has the most beautiful range of Classy and Elegant home decor products. The Baby Shop sells everything you need for kids including dresses, shoes, toys, feeding bottles, pacifiers and so on.

CenterPoint is not exactly a budget-friendly place to shop. However, twice in a year, they have these Legendary Sale where there is a discount of 25% to 60% on everything! Once during DSS or Dubai Summer Sale (July- August) and Once during DSF or Dubai Shopping Festival (December- January). The best part about this sale is, they provide Flat 25% off on Major Drugstore Cosmetic brands like Maybelline, L’Oreal, Revlon, NYX etc. Why is it the best? Because during the sale, everywhere else you have to pay the retail price for the same products.

Article Credits: Kani Karthick

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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