Chicken or Beef – How to Become a Healthy Carnivore (3 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Hira Nawaz

Founder & Owner of: MealScience

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Entertainment and Food & Drink Writer


Certainly some folks are chicken lovers and some are beef addicts!! Not to mention some love the breast or chest part and some are fond of the ribs part!! Apart from your likings, there is this gonna be trendy thing for the whole “PLANET” I am going to discuss is how to become a healthy carnivore!..Also I am talking about which animal source is better either cow’s meat or chicken???

How often I have heard from my fellas that they eat white meat but not red meat..then the difference of opinion begins..well, not really a clash as much as enlightenment on truth.

So is chicken better for us than beef? For years we have been told that the cholesterol and fat levels are lower in white meat rather than red meat. The mega meat war isn’t just ally to fat content because the reality is that cholesterol and fat do not induce heart disease proved by Jon Barron and his article Cholesterol does not Cause Heart Disease, and Mark Hyman and his article Why Cholesterol may not be the Cause of Heart Disease.

Being said so, are chicken and beef equal?

End-users of today are keeping in mind more ecologically sound and right pick like grass-fed beef and free-range chicken…Nutritionally, these both options likely to be slightly lower in overall fat and higher in omega-3 fatty acids than regular meats due to compounds found in grass. Beef nurtured entirely on grass tends to be a bit fibrous than meat from grain-fed cows. Also, grass-fed beef and cage-free chicken are pricey than their usual equivalents.

Reason 1 – Conditions that the animals are raised in

Some peeps just opt for not to presume about it. It’s perfectly ample to eat up either beef or chicken assuming it comes from a trusted source. Cows are meant to eat grass, not grain products like wheat, corn, and soy in any form. Grass-fed cows are the picture of health as the environment intended and will foster us. Similarly, when it comes to chicken, they seem to be healthy as beef if they tuck away creepy-crawly, greens, seeds, sprouts, and even meat with the exception of corn, soy, wheat, or any other grains as these edibles are not local to a chicken.

Reason 2 – Insignificant Difference in Calories

A meal of chicken bring forth 142 calories, and a serving of beef imparts 173 calories. Chicken is believed as befitting preference for a calorie-bounded diet, but the variation is not significant. Overseeing the total daily caloric intake may redeem beef in the day’s dietary selection. In compliance with American grass-fed association, grass-fed beef can provide as less as 140 calories per serving against grain-fed cows, hence by gobbling up grass-fed beef, you can maintain your caloric intake and no need to say “NO” to red meat either. Well..that’s such a relief!!

Reason 3  – High Iron Content

Beef has high as a kite iron over chicken. Red meat are carriers of heme iron, which is assimilated and used up much more efficiently than the non-heme iron in green vegetables. Chicken comes second as iron-rich meat.

Reason 4 –  What they Munch , You Munch

Having said that livestock raised under the organic standards are given green light to pasture, for which reason their diet consists largely of grass, rather than grain and by-products like soy bean casings. That being so, grass-fed meat indeed holds less omega-6 than beef fed with high levels of grain. Excessive levels of omega-6 are studied to promote breast cancer and prostate cancer, moreover other health conditions.

To see the ins and outs, it’s big-league to note that a few omega-6 is part of a regular diet, but immense levels are not, in commercial beef it is higher than it should be for a healthy diet. Same case with commercial poultry, injected with salt based solutions to make it look chunky and add mass. That surplus isn’t sound for your health. Whereas, grass-fed beef favors to be leaner and juicier, high in moisture and Vit-E and therefore no trouble on your cholesterol. 

Ending  at the stamp of approval that any animal product must be free-range, free of hormones, free of antibiotics and a mistreated animal cannot turn into quality food.

Solely you have in mind for what to put in your body, but I expect to assist you make a refined choice.

Article Credits: Hira Nawaz

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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5 thoughts on “Chicken or Beef – How to Become a Healthy Carnivore (3 min read)”

  1. This is a great read. I’m now thinking more about the way the animals I get meat from are fed. However, lately I’ve been considering staying away from meat.

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    1. Thank you so very much. Glad that you liked it. The thing is Nature has created everything perfect so there is no harm in eating beef or chicken but as a human being, we have created so much mess and manipulations in this nature that they have become unhealthy for our ownselves and now we are again going back to organic and so on the way the nature was!!

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