Easy Ways to Relieve Emotions (3 min read)

I always catch myself looking at random people and thinking “Do you think they are going through a hard time at this moment?” or “What has that person been through?” I am sure I’m not the only one who does this. I’ve noticed that the people around me have all been through very negative things in life and I’m not sure if I’m drawn to these people or these people are drawn to me, but either way, I make it my mission to help them out.

I don’t look at it as a bad thing that these people are drawn to me, I just take it as they are in my life for a reason and that reason is to make them feel better again. Sometimes, the smallest things can help a person who may be going through tough times. Things as simple as listening to them and giving them your opinion can mean so much to that person. If you are a person going through a tough time here are my suggestions for you:

  1. Journal – This is the original way to let out all your feelings and organize your running mind. Take 15 minutes out of your day and write whats bothering you, what you may be going through or whatever emotion you may be feeling that day in your journal.
  2. BLOG – blogging is the best way to relieve all emotions! Not only is it exactly like journaling but it comes along with people who can comment and give their advice.
  3. Talk to someone – Whether it’s a parent, teacher, best friend or a pet, talking about your situations and problems to someone is the best way in my opinion. Just being able to get something off your chest is the best feeling ever.
  4. Write a letter – Writing a letter doesn’t mean that it has to be sent. This just simply means to write a letter, address it to whomever, and then either rip it to pieces or burn it! Simple as that.

Never keep in and bottle your emotions. This only makes situations worse and not only that but it makes you feel horrible inside. Always let everything out no matter what. No one deserves to feel trapped inside their mind because that can get ugly. Keeping emotions bottled up isn’t healthy for you. Everyone deserves to feel happy and free and not stressed and depressed. And yes, bottling emotions leads to depression.

Take it from me, someone who use to bottle in her emotions at all times until I hit my breaking point. It’s healthy to cry because after a good cry, you finally feel relieved and fresh! So please, If you are one of those people who bottles in emotions, try one of my suggestions out. I promise it will help you feel better about yourself!

Stay positive and happy❤

Article Credits: Christina Silva

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Author

(For Beauty, Writing, Book Bloggers & More)

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