How to Get More Readers to Read Your Posts (2 min read)

1. Get right to the point and keep postings short. Don’t forget that your attention span of your audience is very short.

2. In your posts, answer questions, including who, what, where, when, why and how, related to whatever topics you’re writing about.

3. Use a conversational and friendly tone, but be professional.

4. Proofread your work carefully before publishing it. Your posts should never contain spelling, punctuation or grammar errors.

5. Use short sentences that don’t contain overly complicated words. Always keep your audience in mind, and write using language and vocabulary they’ll understand.

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6. Keep paragraphs to two or three sentences each, and utilize plenty of white space on the screen to avoid clutter and make the content look more presentable.

7. Don’t overuse different type-styles, like bold, italic or underlined text. This can be distracting.

8. Choose an easy-to-read font, and make sure the text appears large enough so it’s easy to view on any size screen. Avoid a font size that’s smaller than 10 points.

9. Make sure your color scheme is consistent with your image or brand, and that it, too, is easy on the eyes and not distracting.

10. Whenever possible, use photos and graphics to reduce the amount of text in a blog entry and help tell a story or demonstrate a key point.

11. Don’t ramble or include too much information within a single blog entry. If necessary, divide a topic into multiple parts.

12. Put yourself in your target audience’s shoes, and make sure the blog content you’re creating is interesting, well-organized, entertaining, informative, unique and engaging.

13. Maintain your branding and image. The content you publish as part of your blog should be consistent with everything else you’re doing online and in the real world.

14. Use bulleted or numbered lists within your posts to quickly convey information. Posts that focus on a Top X list tend to be popular.

15. Be sure to properly brand your blog using a logo, tag line and other relevant content.

(For Writing, Book, Beauty Bloggers & More)

42 thoughts on “How to Get More Readers to Read Your Posts (2 min read)”

  1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart young sport! Your site did very wonderful things on mine and following most of your advice benefited me so much!I am still trying to figure out how to follow what you are doing as your old sport here is doing many other things ( I am now doing my second book, a novel) but I see to it that I checked your post every now and then for inspiration ! Have great and Godly day!

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  2. Number 5 kicks my butt frequently. Big words are something I use without thinking about it, and I feel like I have to consciously ‘dumb things down’ to get the readability score up there, and that annoys me. I often wonder if it’s actually necessary. Hmph.

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