How to Get Your Confidence Back in 5 Minutes or Less (1 min read)

 1. Hold a high power pose for two minutes.

Try this superhero pose: Stand up straight, shoulders back, chin up with hands placed on your waist and legs hip-width apart. Feel yourself powerful and hold that pose for two minutes while taking deep breaths. You can also try a starfish-like pose where you raise your hands up in the air into a “V” shape and imagine yourself the victor at an Olympic event.

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2. See the big picture of your life via your future self.

While it may seem arbitrary, having a long-term vision of yourself, even in your mind’s eye, can potentially put things into perspective. In the event of saving for retirement, for instance, before we’re likely to invest in ourselves, we have to like and respect our future selves. It helps to have a clear picture of who that would be.

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3. Practice gratitude now and in the future.

Practicing gratitude is a way to gain perspective after a setback. Replace a statement like “I want two new clients this month” with “I am so happy and grateful for two new amazing, paid-in-full clients.” This specific phrasing pulls what you want toward you.

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68 thoughts on “How to Get Your Confidence Back in 5 Minutes or Less (1 min read)”

  1. Gratitude is surely the thing which works. Some soft words can make a great difference. A great post though. Keep up the good work!



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