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Congratulations on getting 1,000 total likes on The Millionaire’s Digest.

Your current tally is 1,016.

This is the first thing I saw on my notifications this morning. Thank you, friends. It means a lot to me. I started blogging last February of this year and invited by Millionaires Digest to be one of their staff writers a few months ago. I never knew that my yes to their invitation would bring me to many wonderful friends and followers on my site. I cannot help but be grateful for the opportunity.

Allow me to share with you guys  what I have learned from the last six months of blogging with over a thousand likes for the articles I’ve written.

  1. When I am genuinely interested in people, they can feel that. Because I feel the same. I need not show off anything, just a genuine desire to know them and maybe to be of help if needed.
  1. A deep level of connection is being developed between me and those who read my post when I write from my heart, when I am not afraid to be vulnerable. To write where I am hurting the most, at my weakest moment is scary but this is where I find healing. This is also where most can relate because we are speaking the universal language, which is our feelings.
  1. Write from the desire to give out of the abundance of the heart. Be generous not only with our readers but with other bloggers as well. When I  find their work amazing, I  let them know what I feel about their post. It gives back many folds in ways I never knew. Learn from them.
  1. We like people who like us. We also like people who are going on the same boat. No doubt about it.
  1. There are so many crying souls in the blogging community and so many helping spirits as well. This is a great place to reach out and find healing.
  1. Writers and bloggers are busy; I tend to read only those with titles that catch me. I cannot overemphasize this because most of the advice I got on blogging speaks about the title and length. Even though I love the blogger but if the content is too long (sometimes I will just like the post)I will never be able to read the posts for time constraint, much more if I do not know the one who posted.
  1. It’s ok to be who you are. When you do, you will more likely find people who are just as true as you are.

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76 thoughts on “Likes (1 min read)”

  1. Hi,
    This post is really interesting!
    Recently, I had received a comment that Millionaire’s Digest had accepted my application to join and I accepted. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if I am allowed to post because I never received any sort of invitation after that conversation. What I would like to know is, Am I a part of Millionaire’s Digest or did I reply too late?

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      1. To their communication to you. You can refer to my about page because you can read from the comments my communication with millionaires digest when they invited me to write for them


      2. I’m sorry the communication on my about page was a little later, if I remember it right they have email or the communication was with the comment I made with their article

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  2. “It’s ok to be who you are. When you do, you will more likely find people who are just as true as you are” this makes sense. I always try to follow this, but sometimes I’m really scared to be what I’m! I would love to be outgoing and direct to people, but not everyone is ready to take what I say, that leads to argument and I end up hurting myself for being what I’m! 😦

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  3. If you’re writing what you want to write-from your heart, then getting 1000 likes and followers will only be because you’re being you. If you get followers from your work, but not from the posts you WANT to post, or won’t mean anything and it won’t make you happy.

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