Mental Images Create Things (2 min read)

Written By Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Paul Scott

Founder & Owner of: Oaktownvibes

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Successful Living Writer

The reason we never arrive is because we don’t realize that we are already there. We keep looking outside of ourselves for the answer and can’t seem to understand why we still come up with nothing after all the searching…the reason for that is because we underestimate ourselves. The answer to everything we desire was inside of us the entire time.

Why is it that success comes easier to some and not to others? If you’re like me, I have asked myself this question on several occasions. We evaluate ourselves and see that we work harder on the daily basis to no avail, but then we compare ourselves to others around us and achieving success for them seems effortless…why is this? The key is found in their mindset. They were already there, long before the byproduct materialized itself.

Success, just like happiness, is an inside job. People feel like their happiness from accomplishing the goal is the result of reaching the destination, when in fact, the destination is the result of already obtaining that happiness. You don’t struggle your way to happiness. Struggle and happiness aren’t even on the same channel. You “happiness” your way to happiness. It is through already having that happiness that the desired outcome is realized.

When we are fearful that the outcome may not turn out the way we want it to, we become complacent and inactive or for lack of a better word…lazy. When we are sure of the desired outcome, we work tirelessly and seemingly effortlessly toward our goals. What many successful people don’t tell you, is that they had already arrived at their destination long before they even physically got there. The mind has an amazing way of finding a blueprint that leads to the destination that we hold in the forefront our minds, when we feel the emotions of it before we get there.

A plan is formulated and habits begin to form the moment we have a clear picture in our minds of every detail of what it is we want. The picture has to be so vivid and real to us, that it becomes more real to us than our current reality. The subconscious mind is the integral part of our mind that needs convincing, before our mind can create new neuro pathways that create habits that lead to consistent action. The consistent action will take us to the mental image of the destination we have formed in our minds. The subconscious mind can not distinguish between what is true or false, it is like the soil that yields forth the fruit of any seed planted, which is why we must be careful of any thought that we consciously focus on continually

Any idea that is accepted as “true” into our subconscious mind through concentrated focus, has to come to fruition…it has no choice. If you believe something to be true about yourself, the subconscious mind will prepare the way. Have you ever noticed that the more negative thoughts you have, the more negative conditions begin to manifest for you? Our current reality is a result of past thought patterns. When you think a certain way, your actions and demeanor will reflect it, thus bringing forth the result of what you think about all the day long. If your thoughts have this much power to bring you what you do not desire, imagine the reality you could create for yourself when you replace it with right thought.

The reason negative conditions continue to happen in spite of your efforts to change them, is because you get what you focus on the most. You don’t avoid what you don’t want by focusing on what you don’t want. Trying to fight negative thoughts is counter productive because the mental image you have in your head is what you are in fact attracting to you. This is why people are living out their fears instead of their dreams. Hold the mental image in your head of what you do want. Over time as you focus and concentrate on this mental image, it will arouse feelings and emotions that match that frequency, thus attracting that reality to you. If you want to have a million bucks, start feeling like it.

Article Credits: Paul Scott

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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