Sign of the Times (3 min read)

Written By Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Angi Abercrombie

Founder & Owner of: Abercrombie & Fitness

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Family & Life and Health & Fitness Writer

Signs, signs everywhere are signs. Yard art has become quite popular in the burbs! I would venture to say that yard signs did some damage to the bumper sticker industry. Just when we thought the coast was clear, the yard sign companies steamed rolled over car stickers right into our front yard!

Shoot, we can tout and brag about almost anything these days. You got your kids school, honor roll status and or their current activity. Their favorite color, style of music, player number, cheer squad, dance team, musical instrument, scout troop or tribe! It’s all fun and a positive way to show off school spirit and allegiance to sports teams or college affiliation.

Yesterday, I was jogging in a nearby neighborhood. I run with my doggie dog FAITH. She is a slightly overweight queen bee Vizsla, who makes frequent stops as if she is an old lady with incontinence issues. It just so happens that Faith made a sudden stop in front of an unfamiliar house that had a brilliant sign stuck in the yard. The sign read, “Drive Like Your Kids Live Here.”

I like it, I like it a lot! Nothing wrong with encouraging drivers to back off the lead foot action and slow the HECK down. ESPECIALLY on neighborhood streets…speed limit 20MPH! One of the many things I swore as a kid I would never do as adult was to yell, maybe even scream at teenagers driving too fast. But guess what, GUILTY!! Oh I’m so guilty. “SLOW DOWN already.”

This particular sign resonated with me and got my wheels a spinning. Tell me what you think? What if, the next “new” thing is FITfluential signs, proudly sponsored by Abercrombie & FITness. FITfluential signs will no doubt be the new rage of yard paraphernalia to encourage and remind people to be healthy and FIT! A subtle suggestion to pedestrians, drivers, neighbors and house guests to get their workout on, eat right and be healthy. It will be like a giant community campaign for the love of FITness and health. Would this be awesome or to intrusive?

Would it catch on? Imagine, signs all over your community inspiring you and other passer byers to think twice before hammering a double meat double cheeseburger and a large fry. A sign that made you want to put down the ice cream and tie up your shoe laces and pound the pavement. A sign that promotes an active lifestyle and leaves an impression.

You tell me, would these pompous slogans be too much? Weigh in in the comment secion below.

Workout like it’s time for your class reunion! 😳

Eat like your trainer is at the table! 🙄

Workout like it’s wedding week! (your wedding, your child’s wedding, your grandkids wedding, your best friend’s wedding)

Run, jog or pedal like you stole something! (cardio is good for the heart)
Jog and lift weights like it’s bikini season and you have plans at the beach, pool, or lake!

Your health matters!!!

“Workout Warrior at Abercrombie & FITness”

Healthy Home

Workout, and eat clean; you won’t regret it!

So why not… Fat burning zone or home?? Calorie crushing zone or home!

Cross Trainer in progress; bouncing between exercise and healthy eating!
What about, “WARNING: Frig and pantry monitored by the FOOD POLICE”

Except no excuses only RESULTS!

No junk food allowed

Caution: vegetables, brown rice and grilled chicken ahead, EAT at your own risk!

No tennis shoes, no sports bra, no service!

Proud supporter of PROTEIN

Back the Broccoli

Carbs don’t kill

Moderation Proclamation

Exercise = Energy

A hungry home is a healthy home or a hungry body is a healthy body

Make better bad choices…even on cheat day.

Run sprints and bleachers like you just saw your child get injured across the play ground!

Swim or run like your kid is drowning!

Workout like you’re newly dating or on the market again! (YES, this applies even if you’re married, madly in love married or stale mate married) It only takes a spark to get a fire going! I workout to be healthy and keep the home fires burning with with my Mr. Chicken Fry.

Speaking of Mr. Chicken Fry, he and I would require “House Divided” signs. Such as…

House Divided: grilled/fried

House Divided: cheeseless/extra cheese

House Divided: 15 pound curls/16 oz curls

House Divided: no butter, no oil/ double butter, extra grease

House Divided: 6 pack abs/ 6 pack of beer

House Divided: drum sticks/cheesesticks

Be active like you just bought new pair of tennis shoes!

Workout like none of your favorite jeans fit.

Workout like you want to make out! (I’ve wanted to suck your blood ~ Count Dracula)
Eat lean and clean no more busting at the seams

Squat and lunge like you cannot lie! You like tight buns, don’t be shy!

Sweat like a white kid at a spelling bee!

Eat like prizefighters and run like a thoroughbred!

Warning: we are a nuts and honey kind of happy home!

Workout like you love sore muscles ! You know you do!

Eat grilled chicken breasts like a fat kid eats cake 🍰🎂🍰🎂

Be the boss of the baby weight!

Eat wise and drop a size!

Workout like you’re paying for it🤑 💰💰💰

Value your workout session as much as your hair appointment! !

Workout like your doctor is watching!

Workout so no one will ever ask or question when the baby is due!

I know that these slogans are overly cheesy and obvious FITlitical satire, but would it not be so awesome if we could some how gauge the effectiveness of a healthier neighbor community FITness signs. My mission will forever be to implore the world to be a happier and healthier place! Don’t you agree?

Workout like your health/life depends on it!

Workout as long as you are living! Live to workout and workout to live long!!

Love, be kind and who wants a sign?????

Angi xo

Article Credits: Angi Abercrombie

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

(For Books, Writing, Entertainment Bloggers & More)

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