Sponsoring and Working with Brands (3 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member:  Kaila O’ Neill

Founder & Owner of: Makeup by Kaila

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Beauty and Lifestyle Writer

Imagine how great it would be to be paid and sent free products just for having a blog! Well I’m here to tell you, it’s possible! There are hundreds of bloggers out there who have turned their small blog into a career-and who says you can’t do that!? One very important aspect to begin turning your blog into a full time job is sponsorship!

What is sponsorship?

Companies will either pay you, or send you free products to promote their brand.

What brands do this? 

Mostly every brand you have ever heard of will or have sponsored someone at some point. It is a great way for them to reach new buyers and also make connections with the blogging community.

So, how do I get a brand to sponsor me?

The most important question! In order for a reputable brand that you would actually like to promote to sponsor you, you have to have an active, large following. If you get 10 page views a day, it may be hard to find a sponsor just because there isn’t much in it for the brand. You can still reach out to brands though! But if you have this large and active following, reach out to the brands! How are they supposed to know you exist if you don’t introduce yourself?! When you contact them, be sure to include your full name, blog name, what kind of sponsorship you’re looking for, and be sure to be professional!

A brand contacted me! What now?

Congratulations! Sometimes a brand will tell you what they would like you to do. Occasionally they may even tell you exactly what to write. But if this isn’t the case, you can do a whole post review their product or just casually throw their product into a post you are already working on!

I got sent a product and I hate it..

Never EVER promote a product you don’t like or use to your readers. If they go out and buy it and feel the same way you do, they won’t trust your opinion and may even stop reading your blog. If this happens, contact the company and tell them how you feel. They may ask you to send the product back.

The most important thing to remember when working with brands is that they are people too! You can’t expect them to give you a 90% commission on items your readers buy, they need to get something out of the deal too. Never be afraid to ask a brand to work with you, the worst thing they could say is no thank you! I hope my tips and information helped you! Happy blogging!

Article Credits: Kaila O’ Neil

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

(For Beauty, Book, Fashion Bloggers & More!)

39 thoughts on “Sponsoring and Working with Brands (3 min read)”

  1. This is really informative. I have recently started working with brands and I feel it’s really important that you need to be authentic when speaking about brands on your blog as you don’t want to turn off your audience. Just because you get something for free and you end up not liking it, does not mean that you should recommend it to your readers.

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