The Law of 33% (2 min read)

Written By Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Shaun Derenzo

Founder & Owner of: Daily Self Help Blog

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I have recently come across a bit of information that, in the sense of how you learn from and socialize with others, may be very beneficial to you! This is The Law of 33%, as you have probably read above. This law states that you should carefully be dividing your time among three types of people.

The first 33% of your social life should go to those who are “below” you. These people are your reminders. I hesitate to say below because it’s a very negative word to describe someone. The use of the word doesn’t have much to do with the type of personality of this group of people. It is more describing what you do versus what they do. Let me give you an example. If your success in life or your goal in life is to be an amazing entrepreneur, this group of people probably won’t know much about business or be too interested in the business world. Or maybe they have no real passion at all.

You might ask, well if they don’t know about business, what’s the point of talking to these people? Honestly, the role these people play in your life is usually a confidence booster. You usually look at this 33% and know you’ve come farther in your life and closer to your goals than they have to theirs. Wouldn’t you want that type of interaction that reminds you of the hard work you put into your life so far? I know I would! Plus, these people may give you learning experience with what you don’t want to do with your own life. Assurance of your own life path never hurt!

The next group of people is those who are on the same level as you or one that’s relatively similar. These people are like your support. They are going through the exact same things as you are, struggling and succeeding as you are. This 33% is at the same point in life as you are, even if they’re goals are slightly different than yours. These people are usually around the same age as you but don’t have to be.

If you’re an entrepreneur who just started your own business a year ago, your equal companion could be a teacher who started teaching business a year ago. It could also be your business partner in your new business. The key to “same level” is that this person may have the same amount of knowledge as you do about similar or different things. Overall, their lives are as established as yours.

This last group or 33% of your time should be highly dedicated to those who are superior to you right now. These people are your mentors and the most important group of people that you could spend time with! Why? Because, for one, these people should constantly be reminding you what you need to work for. They should remind you what progress looks like for you in the future. These people should keep you humble and always eager to learn from what they have built.

That’s the second most important role of the last group. They are like walking encyclopedias for your life’s desires and pursuits. Your brain should be a sponge when you spend time with these people. They’ll give you the best learning experiences you could ask for! If you’re that young entrepreneur that is only one year into your business, you better be hanging out with the Warren Buffets and Steve Jobs of the world, even if you’re not in the insurance or electronic device business!

The most important lesson The Law of 33% teaches is that people are one of your greatest resources! The most successful people know this very well. People either teach you what you don’t want, support you in what you’re doing or motivate you to do better! There’s always a lesson with every person you meet. All you have to do is utilize that lesson to your greatest benefit!

Article Credits: Shaun Derenzo

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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12 thoughts on “The Law of 33% (2 min read)”

  1. that’s a good read but consciously diving time among various set of people will make us go insane in due course..I think, irrespective of the kind of people we are spending time with (which sometimes is not even an option), we must keep us receptive of only positive energy..we just need to keep ourselves in control of what to absorb & what not and that will definitely pave the way !


  2. I had no idea about it before. I really like the idea BTW. To interact with people who make you feel privileged, people who are your competition and other people who act as mentors. I guess that’s the secret to a balanced life.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person


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