Why Blogging Can Make You More Known (1 min read)

People start blogs all the time no matter what time of the day it is. Most of them happen to get a little known to the public. Some of them get three digits of followers, maybe four even! In rare cases, though, some of them get so popular it becomes their job, even their career.

The question is how do they do it?

They keep on trying. Mainly because when you keep on trying, something is bound to happen! HOWEVER, it will only happen if you keep going with the blog that you’ve started.

What about plugins? Advertising? Even selling your products that you’ve made? Well, those happen to help you somewhat in the short run but for the long run, you must keep going in order to have a blog be successful.

My advice?Ā Keep going no matter the cause. When you do keep going, you will get the audience you’ve dreamed of having. I bet there are some bloggers out there that happened to blog for years in order to get their audience they’ve always wanted!

It will only work if you keep trying. No matter what happens and with time and patience, things WILL happen!

58 thoughts on “Why Blogging Can Make You More Known (1 min read)”

  1. One reason I continue to write is because I strongly believe (seriously, this is so ingrained in my head I even have it on my about page) that even if one person reads my material, it’s worth it. Because that’s one person who’s listening to my voice and encouraging the discussion, and then THAT person could use the new perspective to start a conversation of their own. When I first started, I struggled to even get those one or two people to read my material! We all start somewhere.

    Thanks for this piece of inspiration. I think a lot of writers, especially new ones (or maybe even ones who have been around for a while) could use this as an opportunity to reflect on why we write in the first place.

    Great read! šŸ™‚


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