10 Ways to Get Rid of Melancholic Moods (2 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Natasha Tungare

Founder & Owner of: Explore Yourself!

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Art, Family & Life, Fashion & Style, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, Religion, Stories, Successful Living, Travel and Writing Writer

It is totally human to get irritated, feeling down for no reason, have mood swings, feel like crying. What do you do at such times? Here I would like to mention a few ways about how we can get rid of the sad and gloomy feelings.

1. Talk to your parents.

Mom and Dad are always someone who understand you. Be friends with them. Talk to them about your problems. And every parent has a solution to their child’s problem. None other than parents know us well.

2. Meet your best friend or your partner.

Meeting your beloved or your close friend helps you get through your bad mood. You talk to them, share your feelings with them and they are the ones who can make you laugh anytime anywhere. Your are really important to them and they will definitely help you out. Sometimes you might even get irritated at everyone but these people who really know you well and of course are good listeners never leave you at such times.

3. Watch some happy stuffs/shows.

There are so many television shows, YouTube videos and much more stuff online too. When you watch some comedy movie, laughter shows it elevates up your mood and you can get better really soon!

4. Do something that makes you happy.

Paint, dance, sketch , play, scribble, sing, do any damn thing ! Believe me, your hobbies are the best to elevate your mood and make you feel good. When you do something that you like you do it with interest and it makes you forget your sadness.

5. Play some instrument you know.

Researches have proved that music has amazing results on people with depression. If it works on depression, of course it has to work on melancholy. Play music, listen to happy, jazz music with high beats!

6. Go for walk or jog.

Walking, jogging in a park or exercising has an adrenaline rush in your body, it increase your heart beats and gives you a high spirit.

7. Create your own world of happiness.

Have your own imagination work to create your own beautiful story. Imagine things that you love. Just like I love mountains, meadows, clouds, late night walk on beach. Imagine you are present in the world you like!

8. Have a pet and love your pet.

Pets reduce stress levels and they are amazing stress busters. Having a dog, cat, bird and playing with them, spending time with them can help you forget any sadness and relieve any stress on earth !

9. Sometimes sleeping works too.

It is rightly said “When nothing goes right, go to sleep” and I have personally experienced this too. Sometimes things go beyond your hands and you can do nothing about it. At such times, sleeping or resting help you get to the solution as your body relaxes down and makes you think better.

10. Think of worse situations.

The reason why I have mentioned this as last option is because not everyone is able to think this way when they themselves are feeling sad. But it is a positive way of thinking. When you feel that someone else has even worsened condition than yours, it makes you feel fortunate about yourself. I do this very often. Eg: I have to eat something I don’t like, I have the thought that at least I’m capable to have food. Not every person is that lucky isn’t?

Remember always that feeling is a temporary thing. Whether it’s happy or sad, a melancholy or glad it doesn’t last longer. Happiness and good feelings are the abstract things. And the beauty of all abstract emotions is they are in your control. So stay happy and always cheerful!

Article Credits: Natasha Tungare

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor


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