7 Things You Should Know Before Building Your Brand (3 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Opeyemi Oduyemi

Founder & Owner of: Hopyrane

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Successful Living Writer

One of the major things that come to mind when thinking about owning a brand is packaging; to have a strong presentation, and to keep maintaining that standard. But there is more to branding than meets the eye. You probably already know that branding is way bigger than any product you’re looking to project.

In fact, the growth of your brain child depends largely on the success of your brand. It is something no one can really shy away from. Even if you don’t have a business or anything you consider worth the trouble; your brand still exists. Accept the simple truth and make actual conscious efforts to build your brand so your brain child can grow and you can experience good success.

There is the right way to go about branding, and there’s the opposite. Unfortunately, the wrong way is the only route that most people are familiar with. Here are seven things you should know about branding that will give you a good cutting edge.

You are the first label

A brand is any label that has carries meaning and associations. Everything you can relate to is a brand. Think about it; Paris, New York, London, Porsche, Bentley, Oprah Winfrey, Victoria’s Secret, Mary Kay, Mcdonald’s, Pepsi, Samsung, Millionaire’s Digest, your blog…and even that pen you use that doesn’t have a name you are familiar with. They all share common grounds with you. Although they’re not all human, its as if they all are. They each have personality and the strength of character. They have their own voices and they speak out loud. You are a brand! Things will begin to change for the better when you start seeing yourself as a brand.

Recognize the attributes of your brand

Every brand has its set of characteristics that identify its physical, character and personality traits. These attributes differ, and they don’t have to be another extension of their owners. A writer – for example – understands that his writing has a voice that is different from his own. He might be a timid and agreeable person, but his writing might convey boldness and fierce deviance. Don’t let your brand as a person overshadow your brainchild. Learn to separate yourself from your work as early as you can. It will save you a lot of trouble.

It is not about the money

Most people believe that branding is aimed at getting more money for a product than its actual worth. I guess that’s the reason some ladies get into trouble trying to keep up with a frivolous lifestyle so they can hook themselves with rich men. Branding is a sharp defining, it is not about the money involved. A brand saves people time…that’s worth the money. What personal branding will teach a woman is to be the woman a man needs, and not one that needs a man to survive. It is not about the money but the money will come along if the brand is great.

Branding is not the advertisers responsibility

It’s okay to seek some professional help when building your brand, but building your brand is your responsibility. The greatness of a brand is in how much loyalty and preference it commands. Professionals can create the exposure and encourage preference, but loyalty will have to be earned by the hands on deck. The aim of advertising is not to state the facts about a product, advertisers are there to sell a solution or a dream. Ads primarily create awareness, sometimes product knowledge, less often product preference, and more rarely product purchase. Advertisers will create more client satisfaction when an exceptional product and a strong brand experience.

Get a good name

Your brand name is the base of its honour, authority and character. A name is a mark of individuality. Your name actually sets the pace for your destiny. Your brand name is its primary report; it provides basic information about your brand. Choosing the right name to represent what you have to offer is crucial. You can choose one that would give your audience an idea of what to expect. You might want to consider something like Fingerlickers for a restaurant or Global Harvest for a church. If your brand name does not reveal anything, you can support it with an attractive and precise slogan. Keep it simple. The idea is to make sure your brand is easy to remember.

The branding process is inside out

Branding is not a superficial process.You will have to build the name you the name you set in character. Set out the attributes and values your brand will carry and stick with it so you won’t to lose your credibility later on. Brands die too usually because they’re ruptured from within.

Mark your target and build around it

The surest way to earn loyalty and command preference is to satisfy your customers. You can think about it this way, your customers are the primary reason you’re in business. They are the reason for all the effort. Considering them before you get started will make a huge difference. That’s what marketing – mark it in – is all about anyway. You will need to study your target audience and mark them into your world.

Article Credits: Opeyemi Oduyemi

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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