8 Ways to Eat Healthy (2 min read)

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lauren-lester-205921.jpgWhat does it mean to eat healthy? To most of us, a healthy diet is one that involves a lot of greens, proteins and grains. For others, it’s avoiding sugar. Sure, healthy has several meanings and each one has a purpose. But the question is: How can I eat healthy?

I’m a very ‘healthy’ eater according to my friends. As someone raised by a nutritionally conscious person, I’ve always loved eating healthy. Literally. I love broccoli. Here are some of my ways to be healthy.

Try to use you glass of water as your measurement. Some of us, tend to over-eat and not realize when to stop (most of the time when it’s your favorite food). To avoid overeating, I suggest you use your glass of water to indicate when you should stop. Basically, just get a glass of water when you start eating and once you finish the water, your meal should be over. This method is dependent on your eating style. 


Use the 80/20 method. The 80/20 method works in two ways:

  1. Eat 80% healthy and 20% junk. This idea was provided by a nutritionist on Food Network and works for a sweet tooth too. As the name suggests, you should try to eat all your balanced, ‘healthy’ and nutritional food for 80% of you meal (probably your main course and sides). But let’s not say no to dessert completely! Dessert is allowed, but only a morsel or 20% of your meal. If you don’t like dessert or just aren’t eating any, you can eat 20% fatty foods instead. French Fries for you!
  2. Eat 80% of you hunger. Stay 20% hungry. It is said that the Japanese live the longest because they use this method. You’ll also feel lighter after your meals. Don’t worry, a nutrionalist mentioned this, in one of her lectures.

Eat “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a merchant and dinner like a peasant”. We tend to do the opposite. The reason we should eat “Breakfast like a king” or a big breakfast, is because  your metabolism is the highest in the morning. In fact, your metabolism follows the same pattern as the sun. After a good nights sleep your body is ready to activate itself and work efficiently using metabolic reactions, just like Mr. Sun feels when he rises. As the day progresses your metabolism starts slowing down and now the sun is in the middle slowly slinking down. By nightfall, your metabolism is the lowest it can be and your body, ready to sleep like the sun, starts to calm down. That is why you should eat dinner before 8 and a big breakfast.

Balance out your carbs and veggies. Remember being healthy doesn’t just mean greens. Greens do help, but provide a very low energy content unlike carbs which provide the fastest form of energy: glucose. The most important ingredient for an athlete, any mentally active person or even someone who’s sick!brenda-godinez-229718

Eat enough proteins. I cannot stress on how important this is. Amino acids are needed for almost every part of the body. Enzymes and proteins control the whole body. If we don’t eat enough, our body will slow down. We’ll become protein-deficient zombies and not build any of the muscles we’ve wanted for so long.

Always try to keep your plate colorful. I grew up with this motto ingrained in my head. A colorful plate is one that has different colored veggies carbs beans, etc. Basically, you should aim to eat a rainbow plate because food is colored according to its nutrients. So try to be a creative and colorful artist with your food too.

Eat three fruits a day. Three fruits gives you variety so it maintains the sugar quantity but ensures that you get all the important nutrients from the fruits that you eat. When I mean three, I mean three different kinds of fruits. Three bananas don’t apply here, but an apple, a plum and an orange do.

These are some tips I’ve learnt over the years. They will work as long as your consistent and actually do them. Remember, if you can be consistent, you can achieve anything.


Article Credits: T.D.

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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