Bar Soap vs. Body Wash: The Battle of the Clean and the Fresh (1 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Kalin W.

Founder & Owner of: KDS

Millionaire’s Digest Staff Team, Author and Writing Writer

When raking those showers, there’s always one thing everyone has in mind: To get clean and to stay fresh on our bodies. There are many cleansing products out there that happen to be very useful for everyday life.

But it’s always for the most part narrowed down to two choices: Bar Soap and Body Wash. You would think that body wash would be better because it would get you cleaner but take a look at what would happen if you were to compare the two.

Body wash happens to be a very popular item now a days because of how clean you would get from the effects of it. Body wash is like bar soap but in liquid form, usually as that thick gooey liquid that you might’ve seen when you last took that shower. There will come a time though when you realize how expensive it can be to get a bottle of body wash from any store, even if it were to be the cheapest brands.

While body wash happens to be very popular, there’s another player that comes into the game. That is the bar soap, also known as the first ever kind of soap because of its classic looks and how long it usually lasts for. Does it get you cleaner though than body wash? Maybe but the biggest question is if it is expensive for what it is. The answer? It depends really based on which brand you get it from AND if it is true that it can clean better than body wash along with what it’s made of (Such as natural oils and bases for instance).

Getting dirty from what has been said, there are many articles out there that explain the comparison of bar soap versus body wash, even for how much it costs. It really comes down to this:

If you want something that is long lasting, go for bar soap however if you want something that will get you really clean, go for body wash. Keep in mind about the price the next time you go into a store to get something for that next shower. Each one has its pros and cons which most of the time even out from each other.


Article Credits: Kalin W.

Millionaire’s Digest Staff Team, Author


3 thoughts on “Bar Soap vs. Body Wash: The Battle of the Clean and the Fresh (1 min read)”

  1. I really want to try bar soaps for the shower because of price and wasting plastic. I seen something on Pintrest where you put the bar of soap inside a sponge, would that help to get you more clean?


  2. My family prefers body wash because bar soap tends to leave residue on the bathroom floor and between the tiles. So the bathroom needs to be cleaned often and sometimes those residue isn’t easy to come off!

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