How to Not Be Bound to One Location (3 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Ferry van Oossanen

Founder & Owner of: Discoverchiapas

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Travel Writer

Many of us are on a continuous search for a way to do things differently. We want to travel and discover the world and prefer to do that for an extended period of time. How do you get enough money to make trips like this?

Being on the road a lot of different people have told me their story, their way of travelling and they are all inspiring. Many people have told me they are travelling for years and any time I heard that story I thought “that’s what I want”. But how?

They all told me these incredible stories about travelling for a year or longer all over the world and everybody had their own way of doing it. I met this guys that doesn’t have any money and has been travelling central and south america for two years now with his dog, his guitar, his surfboard and his bag pack. How does he do it? He sings in cities centres and restaurants or juggles at traffic lights and sleeps in his tent. He travels hitchhiking and lives day by day. amazing!! Can I do that?

I met other people who got creative and make jewelery on the road, they find little gems every where, rocks or anything that looks pretty and they use it in their jewelery. this makes them enough money to live of and live free. Is that for me tho?

The truth is there are many ways to travel very cheaply and there is many ways to make money on the road. Not all of us are comfortable to do those some things tho. I am not extremely creative and I do not believe I have the courage to just live day by day like that hoping that I make enough money to eat. I still need a little bit of security, I want that live I want to let go, but not that much.

Even for those of us that need that little bit more security as you go, there is ways to be away from home for a very long time and travel and enjoy the world.

Off course there is the obvious way and find volunteer work. There is many places in pretty much any country around the world where you can work for a meal and a place to stay and that way your savings can last a lot longer and this way your trip can get a lot longer as well. This is a great way to work and travel and get to know local cultures up clothes while working with the locals and maybe even learn a new language.

Eventually you still run out of money. There is many ways to make money on the road, there is people who write travel blogs and make enough money with them to live of them. (I am practicing but am not sure if I am good enough for that.) There are ways to make money through the internet, but we are not all experts on internet marketing and forex trading, that takes years of practice and experience and is risky, but a very good way to do so.

After years of thinking and trying and discovering I think I have found the way that works best for me. This could work for anybody that wants to travel more, my first language is not english. I do speak it fluently by now. As a european, north american, australian or new Zealander you have a big adventure in any south/central american country or all over asia. People just assume you speak perfect english and schools are willing to pay good money to pay you as a teacher.

It is recommended to get certified. You can get your T.E.F.L for around $1,000 and it will take a one months course. I would recommend to take a course that includes some teaching practice to give you confidence and a little bit of experience under guidance. That is all it takes to become a teacher of english as a foreign language.

This will not give you the freedom to be in a different place every couple of weeks, but will give you te advantage to work where ever in the world you are whenever you run out of money. Schools often need a 6 month commitment at least and sometimes even a year. the beauty is that you really get to know the local culture. You live and work with the locals and you actually get a taste of what life is like in the city you are in.

As a traveller you have loads of experience with cultures and you have most probably learned a lot on your trips. These are valuable lessons that you can share with your students and it gives you many entertaining stories to tell during your classes.

Another advantage to me is that after seeing so much of the world isn’t it beautiful to give back and teach somebody a language that can open their world and give them the opportunities that you have had. In many countries people don’t have those opportunities as easily as we have them. It also gives a great opportunity after you have saved some money again to do some volunteer work and give some lessons to children in poorer areas of the countries.

there is nothing more beautiful than giving back like that and it is incredibly rewarding. although I know also this might not be for everybody it might be for some people and anybody can do it. Although it is a big responsibility that you would take on it is a beautiful way to see the world and live abroad.

Hope this gives some people some inspiration.

Article Credits: Ferry Van Oossanen

-Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

(For Traveling & Photography Bloggers)

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  1. I have always dreamt of travelling the world, I am learning on ways of saving money while I travel. These ways are completely different and interesting, Great ideas! Thanks for sharing

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