75 Things You Can Do when You Get Bored (4 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Isabella S.

Founder & Owner of: Whenever Inspiration Stikes

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Beauty and Lifestyle Writer

Many people in today’s world lead very busy lives, but no one’s schedule is full 24/7. On the day you’re sitting alone and mindlessly wandering through the web, here are a few more productive things you could be doing. But first, you need to ask yourself this simple question: What are you looking to do?

I want to relax; I need some pampering.

1. Read. Whether you want to scroll through this blog or pick up that book that’s been lying on your nightstand for a year, reading for just 5 minutes has been proven to reduce stress levels and to spark inspiration and productivity.

2. Write. You can start a bullet journal, finish writing a blog post, or simply gather your thoughts.

3. Write a bucket list or To-Do List. 

4. Paint/Cut your nails. Why not pamper yourself?

5. Take a soothing bath. If your tub is big enough.

6. Try a 10-Minute Workout. You can find them on WordPress, YouTube and Facebook.

7. Try a new facial. There are so many good face masks you can make at home! You can find some here.

8. Go to Sephora and try on some new makeup.

9. Make yourself tea and reflect on your life.

10. Mix yourself a cocktail you’ve never tried.

11. Or make a smoothie instead.

12. Meditate. Or do Yoga.

13. Have some money to spare? Treat yourself and buy something you’ve always wanted.

14. Dance freestyle with your partner, by yourself or learn a new dance on YouTube.

15. Take a Nap. Studies show that a 15-30 minute power nap can improve drive.

16. Finish a crossword puzzle.

17. Do an actual puzzle.

18. Complete an online Sudoku puzzle.

I have a night off & I want to make it count; I want to do something fun today.

19. Take a short staycation. Try driving up and down a few roads near by and check out 5 new places. You’re guaranteed to find a place you like nearby.

20. Invite friends over.

21. Go to a bar or Karaoke night with your friends.

22. Watch the stars on a clear night.

23. Host a Game Night.

24. Camp out in your backyard.

25. Go bowling. If you haven’t done it in a while.

26. Look for events in your town. Maybe there are some local festivals or concerts you could attend.

27. Go shopping. Or just try on nice clothes.

28. Bake/Cook something. Even if you don’t feel like baking from scratch, it will feel good to know that you made that sandwich or you cooked that pasta.

29. Try making a simple craft. You could make a bookmark, do a little origami, or make a memory box.

30. Go outside and enjoy the scenery you have right in your backyard. You can even practice your outdoor photography skills.

31. Take a jog around your neighborhood. While you’re outside, you might as well exercise.

32. If you don’t like jogging, ride your bike instead.

33. Pick Fruit in an Orchard. Or go Grocery Shopping.

34. Go for a swim at a friend’s house or in a local pool.

35. Go to an amusement park.

36. Take a road trip. To somewhere close or far, just go somewhere you’ve never been.

37. Make a new friend. Get out of your comfort zone.

38. Go to the Beach and Collect Seashells. Or Swim.

39. Sign up for a Dating App. Just for fun.

40. Practice your sketching/painting skills.

41. Play a game of Frisbee, Basketball, Football or Soccer with your friends.

42. Go to the Library. They might even be hosting an activity today.

43. Go to the Movies. New movies come out almost every week.

I have a few minutes and I want to get organized; I want to feel productive

44. Clean your room. Hang up that sweater that’s been lying on the floor, stack up your books, and make your bed.

45. Organize your social media accounts. Maybe your Pinterest is a mess or your photos from last month’s vacation aren’t on Facebook yet.

46. Review Books on Goodreads.

47. Review Restaurants on Yelp.

48. Enter a Contest.

49. Update your resumé. Think about all of the things you’re proud of.

50. Vacuum. 

51. Sweep your floor.

52. Clean the Mirrors or Countertops.

53. Do Laundry or the Dishes.

I want to make some extra cash.

54. Sell clothes and other items you don’t like. There are many apps for this. Just take pictures of your items and meet with people nearby who will buy them.

55. Have a garage sale.

56. Donate your old clothes.

57. Open an Esty Shop.

58. Babysit the Neighbor’s kid.

59. Or Mow the Neighbor’s lawn.

60. Make Jewelry. Sell the items or buy professional beads and make unique jewelry for yourself.

61. Coach a Sports Team. Or become a Referee.

I want to learn/do something new.

62. Learn how to play a new instrument. You can take courses on YouTube.

63. Learn a new language. You can also take courses on YouTube.

64. Take courses at a Community College. They’re cheap and really helpful.

65. Learn to Knit/Crochet. Find out how on YouTube.

66. Find a pen pal. It’s a good idea to have friends all over the world.

67. Give out Compliments to Strangers. You can really help someone out just by saying something kind.

68. Buy Art. Find unique photographers and painters in your area who sell amazing pieces.

69. Start Scrapbooking. 

70. Start a YouTube channel or a blog. It takes a lot of time and effort, but it will be worth it if you persevere.

71. Start a Garden if you’re interested in growing plants and you have a good lawn for gardening.

72. Write someone a letter. It’s much more personal than shooting a text and it will really make an impact on the person you send it to.

I want to feel good; I want to do a good deed

73. Volunteer at a charity. If you don’t feel like physically donating your clothes or your time, find a charity that sells items online. You’re shopping and doing a good deed!

74. Call up/Text an Old Friend. Is there someone you miss right now but haven’t gotten a chance to catch up with them? They’re only a phone call away.

75. Talk to your family. I’m sure they miss you.

Have a sick friend? Make them soup.

Article Credits: Isabella S.

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

(For Art, Travel, Life Bloggers & More)

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  1. This list is extensive 😂😂😂 Love it! A quick nap does wonders if you can or read a blog post! Reading blog posts is great especially when you’re on the move😁 and you’re trying to kill time.

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