Runaway… (1 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Hira N.

Founder & Owner of: The Loudest Thoughts

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor and Successful Living Writer

Let’s run away, I might sound crazy and we might not have a place to stay, but let’s just run away.
I want to see the deserts in California, I wanna see the buildings in New York,
I want to drink coffee in a small cozy coffee shop filled with calming music as I flip through the map looking for my next destination. I want to stand in Times Square and feel the cold breeze as it collides with my skin sending chills down my spine.

I want to see the sunset as the Cruise moves along Boston Harbour. I want to taste the pizza of Boston with soy sauce in it.
I want to go to LA and take a stroll through the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, and Universal Studios when I get hungry I’ll just grab a meal from the nearest Chinese restaurant as I make my way back to my cheap motel room.
The next morning I’ll make my way to Disneyland, I’ll happily shake hands with Mickey and Minnie as I have the time of my life on the incredible rides.
My next destination would be The Broad, where I would lose all my senses as I get transported into the world of stars and galaxies, all around me, probably one of the most beautiful things I’ll ever see.
Then I’d go to the Bellagio in Las Vegas to watch the dancing fountains.

I wanna go bungee jumping even though I’m afraid of heights.
So let’s run away, we’ll figure the rest out as we make it to the plane, let’s run away because I can’t wait to see the northern lights, the stars from the rooftop of an abandoned building, I can’t wait to eat the macaroons they sell in Paris, I once read a book, they tasted like heaven.
So let’s run away because I can’t wait for what comes after today, as we climb the highest mountains, as we light the brightest fires and sing songs that remind us of who we were before we became nobodies. Before we disappeared without a goodbye, I always hated goodbyes in the first place.
Let’s leave this behind and start off fresh, as we take another flight to somewhere new. We’ve got a whole world to travel, so pack your bags because I can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds, if you come to me maybe you’ll find that missing piece of your soul you always talk about maybe you’ll fill that hole in your heart finally, but if you won’t, then we can always go back home.-H


Article Credits: Hira N.

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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