Sales Lessons for a Successful Life (3 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Sam Sanderson

Founder & Owner of: Simplistic Success

-Entrepreneur, Personal Growth & Development Writer, Inspirational & Motivational Writer

Today I am delighted to be able to share some more insights into the world of sales. You can use these concepts to further your personal and professional development.


In sales, no two days are the same. Some days will feel perfect as if nothing can go wrong. You could be closing deals left, right, and center. You could be having no trouble finding great new prospects. The next day could be an absolute disaster where you wonder why you chose to do this as a job or career in the first place. Some days you deal with very easy people, other days you deal with people who are straight up rude, ignorant and hard to deal with. Every situation and every person are different. Although some objections and personal or company situations are similar, every situation is different!

Although this might sound nerve-wracking and terrible to some, I love it. Who wants to do the same thing every day and be stuck in the same old boring routine? I love to stay stimulated and engaged by always being ready for new people and different situations. It keeps me feeling fresh, enthusiastic and engaged. I never hate waking up for work in the morning because I know every day is bound to be different than the last and I will be facing new challenges and situations.


Are you stuck in an old boring routine? Are days passing you by quickly with nothing to look forward to? Are weeks blending into the same thing and time is passing you by with no significant things to remember? I am sorry if this is you because that sounds horrible. Some of you may need a reality check. If this is your current situation why are you doing this to yourself? You control your future and your destiny. You aren’t “stuck” you weren’t “played these cards”. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and making excuses. Get off your ass and change your life for the better. I promise you, you will not regret it!

Although any successful person would stress that routines are very important to success, you do not want to be trapped in routines. Don’t get me wrong, you should have routines in your life that are leading you closer to success and your goals every day. These include things like staying healthy through exercise and eating healthy, reading and learning, spending time working on your projects or business and spending time with people that you love. However, every single day of your life should definitely not be the same! You need to experience new things and keep your mind engaged and keep yourself happy and invigorated.


Whether that means learning a new skill or trying out a new sport or a new hobby it doesn’t matter. The whole point is to continue to change it up and have new experiences. Stay active, try new things and continue to break your comfort zone. Outside of your comfort zone is where all the greatest rewards and experiences lie. You just need to be willing to take that step forward and break out of your rut! This is very important! Comfort zones are dangerous, break them whenever you can and it will quickly turn into a routine. The difference is that this is an awesome routine!


In sales, if you wish to be a champion you need to be constantly developing and learning every day. Perhaps your formal education ended after high school or perhaps you got a degree or an even higher level of education. The point is, it doesn’t matter how educated you are, a professional or as Tom Hopkins likes to call them a “champion” realizes that learning never stops and continues to grow and learn constantly. They immerse themselves in audio tapes on selling, read books on the subject, attend seminars, they practice writing out objections and how they handled them and how they should handle them in the future. They experiment with different scripts and practice with partners. They do so many things that continue to push their level of professionalism and success. Most importantly, all this training makes them more competent and confident which pushes their performance to a whole new level! In the end, confidence is key to everything and the more you can develop it, the better you will be no matter what you are doing!

Buffet reading


When is the last time you read a book? Do you know any people who still brag about how they haven’t finished a book since grade 3? And anytime they were forced to read a book they just used spark notes and barely squeezed by so they had more time to watch tv and movies? Newsflash people, these aren’t people you should look up to or want to be like. Not reading books doesn’t make you cool it makes you look like an idiot. I’d like to see how successful these people are down the road if they choose to never read. If you never read you can never learn anything new. If you never learn anything new you can’t apply that knowledge to improve your job, career, business, relationship or whatever it may be.


The point is, no matter your path in life you should always continue to learn and grow. If you think you hate to read don’t start by trying to read on some business, finance or personal development book that you think is boring. Read a popular fiction novel or a best-seller, find hobbies that you like and read about those even if it is a book about your favourite movie it is always better to be reading than watching tv. And honestly, the book is usually better than the movie for almost any film created from a book ever. And I am sure most readers will support me on that one!


This point relates a lot to my point about no day being the same. The point is every day to have new challenges and obstacles to overcome. Every day you are pushing yourself in sales whether you are convincing somebody of why your product or service is the best compared to a competitor, persuading a prospect why they should give you time for an appointment or showing them how what you provide is the solution to all their problems. Every day you will face challenges. And like my other point, if you pay attention to the interactions and challenges, you can learn from them to deal better going forward. The particular service I am selling is a specialty cleaning service. My favourite prospects are the ones who tell me they currently have a cleaning service but are willing to give me the appointment anyways. These are my favourite because I love the challenge and to prove to them how much superior our service is. It is so much more rewarding making a sale when faced with a challenge such as this that it really helps me to elevate my presentation and confidence to encourage them to believe in me and my service.


Did anybody ever achieve anything worthwhile without facing roadblocks? I don’t think so or else everybody would already be multimillionaires living their dream lives. Do you purposely stay away from difficult or challenging things? Let me guess.. you haven’t been accomplishing much with your life, have you? I am sorry to be straight up but nothing great comes without facing challenges. Getting fit has many challenges and struggles of constantly making sure to get to the gym, pushing yourself, staying disciplined and eating right. Being a top performer in a sport has many challenges of constantly practicing, perfecting your strengths and working hard to develop your weaknesses and improve every aspect of your game.

I love Kobe and he was notorious for practicing like crazy and out working everyone

The point is that everything in life involves challenges. The people who face them head on are the ones who become the greatest that we all read about, look up to and admire. If you stay away from challenges you will never be great at anything and you will certainly NEVER reach your full potential.

I encourage you to think deeply about this article and read it over. Be honest with yourself if any of these points are relevant to your life and could help you improve. We all have weaknesses and areas we can improve so don’t feel bad about it, use it as motivation to push you to the next level! I encourage you to share your thoughts below and let the readers know what you are working on!

Article Credits: Sam Sanderson

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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