The Greatest Lesson I Learned After Writing My Book (1 min read)

1 .  The desire to write is not enough. We have to actually write.

I’ve been wanting to write a book since my early twenties when I only have two kids around. It took me 20 years and a son before I was able to publish my first book.

2.   There are no certain rules that will work out the same for all writers.

There are only inspirations, insights and good examples to follow.

3.    Forget about the money and fame.

Reading stories of great writers now and then leads me to these conclusions. The money and fame came  when they were not chasing for it. They do their grilling job first.

4.    Give what you’ve got and you’ll get what you want.

It is only by our sincere desire to give from the abundance of our heart that we receive the things we seek for.

5.      Be true and do not be afraid to be vulnerable.

Telling your story where it hurts gives you the opportunity to heal and give hope for others as well.

I will be happy to hear  any struggles you may have on writing 🙂

88 thoughts on “The Greatest Lesson I Learned After Writing My Book (1 min read)”

  1. Great post! The biggest struggle I’ve had is getting my novels in front of my target audience. I realized that I had a fuzzy view of who that was. I also realized that I was being a selfish writer. Writing what I thought was cool but not attending to the needs of my readers. Lesson learned though.

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  2. I just began writing because i can talk for hours and am sooo passionate about people. My struggle so far is not properly organizing my different ideas for posts. I keep telling myself to write what my heart desires. ♡ thanks for your lessons!

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  3. Thank you for a good post. Personally I do not need fame nor lots of money, but I would love to make a living. I’m a create-and-venture-junkie, and anything else I have to do to survive feels like slavery. So I keep dreaming;)

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