Things to Do when You’re Lonely (3 min read)

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A friend that every person who feels lonely at times can make is a book. Books not only are a great way of passing your lonely time, you also learn a lot from them. When I’m reading a book that’s really good it takes me into an alternate universe where I don’t have to think about today’s worries. So books are not only a good pass time but also help you relax and unwind. You also end up learning new words. So the next time you feel lonely, grab a book and dive into another world for a while.


Another good way to spend your lonely time is to take a walk down memory lane. Recall all the best moments in your life. Thinking about all the great times will not only put a smile on your face but will also make you feel less lonely. This will also help you think about how much your life has changed and all the things you now do differently from before. Childhood memories would make you remember what it was like to live a life without worry.

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While you’re lonely, why not take the time to look around and be thankful of all the good that surrounds you. Be grateful for all you have and think about the things you take for granted everyday. Try to make yourself promise to be more humble and kind to others. Think of all the resources that you have and others don’t. And tell yourself to remember to always give back and stay humble


There’s one thing almost everyone has in common, and that is a room that needs cleaning. Now when I say clean your room I don’t mean “stuff everything in the extra drawer”. I mean actually go through the things you have in your room. And if you have too much stuff that you just don’t use then give it to the poor or to those who might need the things you don’t. Another thing you can do after you’ve ACTUALLY cleaned your room is to try to rearrange the furniture. A new look and some change doesn’t hurt.


If you feel bored and lonely, look around you and ask someone if they need your help. It’s nice to give someone a hand sometimes. Weather it’s your parents, your friends or even a complete stranger. By helping someone you put a smile on their face and make yourself feel happy to. It’s a great way to pass time, and it benefits not only you but others too.

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54 thoughts on “Things to Do when You’re Lonely (3 min read)”

  1. Very well written..I would like to add Meditation too to the list ,for there’s just nothing better than knowing yourself..people ask me how exactly to do meditation and I simply tell them – Just sit & do nothing ! for those who meditate they will agree to the fact that whenever you are lonely, there’s really nothing better than meditation.



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