10 Ways to Get More Followers (3 min read)

Getting followers to subscribe or follow your blog can sometimes be a little challenging. But by doing just the smallest things can make the biggest impact. Here’s 10 of them:

1. Return favors. Follow people that comment or favorite your posts, especially when they take the time to read articles you’ve written and share a comment with you. It’s one of the keys I use to determine whether someone is a real follower or just trying to get more by using others. 

Also take the opportunity to respond or engage back when possible. The more you reach out, the more folks will return and reciprocate — by following or making comments that is.  You can apply this across all your social networks.

2. Remain active. Follow new people every day even if you can only afford a few minutes on each network. Try doing it on your phone while you’re waiting on someone.

3. Widen your net. People say quality over quantity but that’s not always true. However, wouldn’t you rather have both to maximize your reach. You must continue to build your community — whether online or offline.

4. Make reposting a habit. Make rounds every day to repost at least one new person a day.  This sometimes will give you a fan for life. You can apply this same exact method to grow your following and community on any of your other networks.

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5. Pay attention. Keep your eyes open for those who repost you often or share your blog.  Favorite a tweet to let the individual know you see them. At a later point in time, perhaps return the favor as time permits. And how does this help with your following you say…?

The more people see that you appreciate their efforts, they will more likely repost your content whenever online. And the more visible your brand or WordPress posts lands on other pages, the more likely you will generate more organic following.

6. Stay focused. Post relevant and high quality content. People will regularly visit your page to share your posts. When people are excited to pass along your message, it ends up turning out to be additional branding and visibility to your website.

7. Keep networking and engaging. Take it offline. These days, people share their love of food, nature and other passions. For instance, if you are passionate about photography, organize a photo walk. When you take social media offline, people will share photos of you along with your WordPress post to their audience, and in return, you will get more followers. This is a great way to start a conversation online and offline.

8. Showcase your skills. Post something great that shows off your talents. If you are a writer with informative, pertinent content, put it up on WordPress. Same goes for amazing photos. People will share your articles or images and this will give you visibility to more admirers.

9. Find influencers. Reach out to other thought leaders and feature 10 people on your blog. They will be happy to share your content to their readers and this will also grow your readers as well as followers.

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1o. Diversify. Do not put all your eggs in one basket. With this last point, apply these ten tips in other social channels where the methods may fit to grow your network. Technology changes very rapidly, so it’s smart to keep a pulse on the current social world.

I hope that these ten points will help you grow your brand. An hour a day focusing on following should help get you a decent amount of followers.

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Article Credits Go Respectably to Entrepreneur Media, Inc.

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