5 Tips to Take a Great Landscape Photography (2 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Agrandaiz Harahap

Founder & Owner of: Agrandaiz Photography

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor and Photography Writer

1. Do your Research

Sometimes you think you can find a great shot on the spot. It’s true. But we can’t always do that. That’s why we must do some research on the place you want to photograph. Find the location on google map, the location, how its looks like, and so on. Or you can photos from another photographer who have been there.

2. Bring a tripod

For a landscape photographer, tripod is the most important gear and because of that it is necessary to have one. What tripod do is make your camera firm and still making less movement. But if you don’t have a tripod you can always borrow it form your friend or just hope that you have a really strong hand.

3. Find a good Composition

Composition basically mean how every element  mix inside your frame shot and make it into a amazing combination.

When it come to landscape photography, you should look for a great place to use your camera. You can consider the angle, position, and element inside your frame. Just imagine this, you’re in the mountain you can see forest, mountain, and sky. And the you can create the composition by putting the forest on the foreground, mountain on the middle ground, and then sky on the background. That is a composition.

4. Always Use Manual Mode

If you using DSLR or any camera that capable of manual mode, then you should using manual mode. It is because you can fully control your camera. Even more, if you use auto mode, it usually end up bad. Why???

This is the geeky stuff…

Why don’t you look up for sunset photograph taken by amateur or phone on google or instagram. What usually happen is you can see the colorful beautiful sky, but the foreground (mountain or beach, depend on where you are) is completely black. WHY???

Its because they use auto focus. And when it come to auto focus, your camera will calculate the light from brightest part (in that case, the sunset) as it basis of setting. and then reduce the light receive by the camera to make the color of the sky more clearly. And end up causing the actual dark part, become more darker.

BUT if your using manual mode you can control the the light that come into the camera and balance it so the brightness foreground and background can fit well. You can also have a great sharpness. Learn more about it here.

5. Know the Time

This is the continuation from before.

Other thing to know is the time of day you want to take an amazing landscape photography. Its because the light will look different consistent with the time of day. When it come to landscape photography usually at morning or evening for the sunrise and sunset.

Also note that different place have a different time zone. That’s mean in one place you can have sunset at 5 pm, on the other you can have at 6 pm. That’s why you have to know the time so you can arrive in time to take your beautiful amazing landscape photography!!!

Article Credits: Agrandaiz Harahap

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor


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