5 Ways to Improve in Life (2 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: T.D.

Founder & Owner of: Storyspiller Blog

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Improvement. Everyone wants it. A student wants to improve his grades. An artist wants to improve his style. Writers want to improve their writing. (I think you get my point) But how do we improve? That’s the real struggle.

Work hard. If you don’t want to improve then you never will. It takes time and effort. The  greatest artists may be awesome at art right now, but work very hard to draw that well. Take Walt Disney. His first business went bankrupt when he started. With a little hard work, he found his faults and managed to open a second. In the second, he put in the effort to avoid the mistakes from first and viola! Disney became super successful! Just like him, you need to remember to work hard, if you want to improve.

Make mistakes. That’s on of the best ways to learn. Learning from your failures, not only helps us aim to pick ourselves up but helps us see what not to do! Like if you start running with the wrong shoes and realise your mistake. So the next time you remember to check your shoes before going for a run!

satan 2Learning from someone else? That’s even better! Sometimes all you need is a little help in taking a step to that staircase of improvement. Your coach, a teacher or someone you admire can help or maybe someone who’s struggling like you! Sometimes, you end up learning and teaching new things that you or the others didn’t know.  A little help can never harm others.

Do an experiment. Scientists do it all the time so can you. Trying something new or changing things up may make you feel better but also unleash a side that you’ve never seen. Try writing humour with a boring character. Or try mixing chocolate with spaghetti! Without experiments, we wouldn’t have the ice cream machine or Nike shoes. Consider it as a way to learn.

Step out of you comfort zone. It’s okay to do something out of the ordinary once in a while. Sometimes you can learn more about yourself and realise more about yourself. Taking risks also allows you to open to a new side of yourself you haven’t seen. For example, try talking more to your colleagues if you’re really shy. It’ll improve your confidence. Or try writing something that you’re bad at. who knows? Maybe you’ll to better this time.


Most importantly though is to have fun. Look at the positive as well as the negatives and think about how much you’ve improved and learnt. Consider the memories you made along this walk and think about the paths you’ve crossed. Remember improvement is a journey not a destination.

Article Credits: T.D.

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor


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