6 Ways to Find What You Lost (1 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: T.D.

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I have this knack for finding things really quickly. Like a 6th sense, telling me where to look when I or my brother lose something. Its weird talent but I think I picked it up from Nancy Drew and all the other detective stories I read as a kid. So, I decided to drop some tips on my nifty sense.

Retrace your steps. No matter how many times you’ll hear people say it, you should definitely do it. Think back to the first place you saw the thing you lost. Continue going through the places you visited and where you saw it. Bingo! You normally find it pretty quickly.

Sometimes, my brother can’t remember where he last saw it. That’s okay. Cause I have the perfect solution. Think about the likeliest places where you would misplace it. Like if it’s an awesome CD you just bought. Maybe you left in your car? Or on the stereo? Think about the most related places or visited ones.

Ask. This one’s important. Always ask someone if they saw the object you lost. Like if you lose a boarding pass, ask the help desk at the airport (they have it sometimes). After all, it never hurts to ask, right?

Search. Dig super deep in the place that you lost the thing. For example, once I remember I lost an earring and couldn’t find it for weeks. I looked everywhere. 2 weeks later, I caught sight of it in my room when I was spring cleaning. Sometimes, you can lose sight of something that’s right under your nose.

Wait for it to turn up. I know this is sort of ambiguous and requires faith but I believe that things turn up eventually, if they need to. Like maybe if they don’t, you need to stop buying that stuff or just become a little responsible.

Time. Take time to look and don’t rush or be extremely worried. Its ok. Take a deep breath. (Can’t calm down? Read my post on trying not to be nervous.) That being said, avoid procrastination. This has become my habit and when trying to find something makes the job harder. In fact, sometime I lose something because I procrastinate. I’d be too lazy to put that thing back into its place or something and then it would just disappear or someone would move it. So remember, don’t be too fast but find it soon.

Check the lost and found
. Literally. Lost ice skates? Check the ice rink lost and found. Lost your bag at the train station? Check the train station lost and found. Lost your scarf at the office? Check the office lost and found. (I think you get my point.) Don’t just rely on lost and founds though. Everyone may not drop something off.

By now, I really do hope you’ve found what you’ve been looking for. I hope these points come in handy, so the next time you lose something you’ll be able to find it. Keep looking! What did you lose last?

Article Credits: T.D.

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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