Define Your Success (1 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Opeyemi Oduyemi

Founder & Owner of: Hopyrane

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Successful Living Writer

Whatever you want to accomplish: from writing a good piece to building a good home or achieving financial freedom (and the list goes on). Good things don’t just happen! It doesn’t matter how bad you want something (or someone), you can just pack the reputation you have had and toss them in a trash can, you see. A successful outcome is never automatic. I believe the point where most folks miss it is the moment when they generalize success.

Define success

No way! I won’t give you my own definition. We’re all used to school mentality where a man is a “real genius” when he can regurgitate garbages that other folks have articulated without having to examine them. My success is my success. It’s time to look for yours…or better still, redefine yours.

Success is multidimensional, and quite personal. What success means to Temy is far different from what it means to Tommy (it can be as far as the east is from the west). To Temy having a husband and two kids at age thirty two, with a car and a small store to manage, coupled with the huge amount of likes and comments she gets on social media is just perfect. While Tomy on the other hand, has a huge need for significance on a higher level. They are actually both right. Not one definition is wrong as long as it true to the person involved.

Well alright. Here’s where I’m going:

The fact that you’re successful in one area does not make you a champion (Yes, you heard me.) You can be richer than Bill Gates (Okay, maybe not as much. But rich anyway) and be an idiot when it comes to dealing with your spouse.

And again I say….

Things don’t just fall into place. Whatever positive result you are looking to have, you must first place your value in. Love and respect your spouse, your unborn children, your work, your fellow team members, your academics (ecetera ecetera) enough to pay attention to details.

Article Credits: Opeyemi Oduyemi

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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21 thoughts on “Define Your Success (1 min read)”

    1. Not achieving success in anything can be as a result of quite a number of factors that you might want to check. These factors include constant negative thoughts, not living according to purpose, making wrong decisions repeatedly, feeding on other people’s approval, and so on. Success is does not necessarily operate in cliques; it is a personal thing. You can start by evaluating yourself to find out what the real issue is, then you can start working on it. Goodluck!

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