Hitting Rock Bottom: The Process of Revitalization and Recovery (2 min read) 

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Phrieda B.

Founder & Owner of: Your Higher Self

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Health & Fitness and Successful Living Writer

I’ve been in this place many times. During the last two and a half years, I’ve been through challenges that caused me to reflect on my values and beliefs which have led me from paths that I thought I was destined to take. Through this, I was constantly asking myself whether or not I was doing the right thing and questioning my intentions with every action I took. At that moment, I knew I couldn’t run from the problems that needed my attention and I had to make a choice. Either continue to live in accordance of someone else’s expectations or start honoring mine. Since I made the decision to start living based on my values, I’ve gained clarity on who I am and where I want to go. This hasn’t made me immune to undesirable circumstances, but with the foundations from my past experiences, I’m able to come back into alignment and look at the situation from a different perspective.

As for many, including myself, hitting rock bottom isn’t a situation that is described as ideal, but down the road, we will look back and see that it was necessary. Our emotions in the moment are fluctuating and if you’re like me, it triggers anxiety attacks. The process isn’t pretty, but a number of things go through my mind when I confront a situation that challenges me emotionally. Why does this happen to me? Things were finally coming up for me and now this? I was feeling upset, angry,humiliated and frustrated because I’ve been going from A to B to C and back to A to repeat the process. I felt completely lost in where I was and was unsure where my path resumes. And for the rest of that week, I took time for myself to let out my emotions. It’s so important to really be present with your feelings and don’t feel guilty for being upset or angry. Spiritual bypassing, the process of ignoring your feelings and masking it with positivity, is very dangerous. People have this expectation that when you’re “enlightened”, you are not allowed to show any emotion besides happiness. Yes, we are souls in a human body, but because we are constantly surrounded in a third dimensional world, it’s inevitable that we would experience various types of emotions. But being at rock bottom doesn’t mean that we are meant to stay there. This is a perfect opportunity to rebuild your foundation and come back stronger than ever. Here is the process I’m currently doing to dissect my rock bottom situation and turn my fear to faith.

Reflect: After I’ve let all my emotions out and I look back at the situation objectively. I think of the events that led to this point as well as look at the events that happened after. By doing a reflection, you’re able to understand the situation and evaluate what went wrong and the things you handled really well. I use this to identify the lesson that I should take away from the circumstance and configure a plan to move forward.

Choice: I use the lessons I took away from the situation and think of a number of choices on where I need to move forward. Remember that we always have a choice. Think of all the possible choices that you feel you could pursue. Use your intuition to filter those choices and go with what your soul is calling you to do.

Gratitude: After you thought everything through, take some time to think about the good that has come out of the situation (there is always a positive aspect to every circumstance). Thank the Universe for showing you what you need to work on right now and for bringing what you have suppressed onto the surface. Nothing is happening to you, but for you. This is where you dig deep and make the decision to do what you feel guided to do.

Support: Whether it be from family or friends or the generosity of strangers, you always supported through the difficult times by the Universe. Be open to receive insight from others and know that you’re never alone. These opportunities always present themselves when we least expect them and reaffirms that kindness is truly around us.

The Next Step: You can only go up from here. Make a plan on what you want to pursue and create a strategy on how you’re going there. Use this situation as the foundation of on what you want to accomplish in the future. Because with huge breakdowns come huge breakthroughs.

Article Credits: Phrieda B.

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

10 thoughts on “Hitting Rock Bottom: The Process of Revitalization and Recovery (2 min read) ”

  1. I feel this post entirely. WE’ve all been there, and if you haven’t — you will. I think learning optimism and ambition was what helped me get out from underneath the rubble. Thanks for sharing this post! Made me stop and realize how far I’ve come since then. ❤

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  2. Loving self in the egoistic sense can lead to pride. In my experience i found God doing for me what I can not do for myself. It is much easier trusting HIM than creating my own sense of being peaceful. Only God establish PEACE that surpasses understanding. That encourage me to be accountable. Being honest with oneself and admitting that I am fallible and that my own created “peace” is not something permanent, but lasts only for limited time.(True happiness does not come from material or secular stuff)

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