How to Use Procrastination to Your Advantage (2 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Ibibo Ataisi

Founder & Owner of: Success Vista

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Procrastination is a major dream killer. It as done so many evils to the dreams and aspirations of many. We have all in one way or the other fallen to the dictate of procrastination.

In as much as we can go all draw out a long list of uncountable amounts of negativities that can be linked to procrastination, there are still some underlining benefits that we can get from procrastination.

One question we should ask ourselves is this: Why do we procrastinate?  According to Anthony Robbins, in his book AWAKEN THE GIANT WITHIN. He points to the fact that we can change a particular behavior if we can link so much pain to such behavior and pleasure to the new behavior we intend to develop.

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Taking this into account shows the fact that procrastination is mainly caused by fear of pain and failure.

The pain approach

So, for you to use procrastination to your advantage, you need to first, link so much pain to your present activities, that the urge for change becomes so strong that you can’t take it for a second.

For instance, you want to quit smoking, you should start linking all the negative consequences of smoking that you can think about.

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This will make you develop a strong hatred for smoking and make you stay clear of every environment where smoking occurs. Also, it, in turn, makes you look for a more desired replacement.

The flip side approach

Another method is that you need to ask yourself these questions: What do I procrastinate? The things I procrastinate are they of value to me? What are those things of lesser values that are taking my time?

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After you are able to answer these, you decide to take actions on things of greater values, while you procrastinate those activities of lesser values.

The pleasure approach

Finally, we can get things done quickly and better if we can link so much pleasure to such behaviors or activities. We are doing what we do at present because we have this subconscious linkage of pleasure to such. So if you are able to link pleasure to things of value in your life, you will see yourself using procrastination to your advantage.

We would love to hear from you on what you think about procrastination and how we can overcome it.

Article Credits: Ibibo Ataisi

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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14 thoughts on “How to Use Procrastination to Your Advantage (2 min read)”

  1. Sound advice. Great tips. I’ll try some of them out. The pleasure-pain ideas seem interesting. Only felt the grammatical errors were a bit distracting. But otherwise, helpful and interesting. Thank you.



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