Secrets of the Shadows (1 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: T.D.

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The thrum of hoofbeats echoed as the wind whistled in the cave. Water droplets seeped through the cracks as creatures crawled on the walls. Furthermore, stalactites hung from the top ,dazzling in the dancing light. Shadows played hide and seek on the walls, grasping anyone daring to cross their path.

A young girl with messy blonde hair walked through. Her blue eyes shined and she looked up at the crystals in amazement. As she reached out, the sun caught her hand and its warm glow spread through her body. Not daring to breathe, she walked into the arms of the shadows. Smiling, they reached out to cradle her as blackness enveloped her body.

In a second she disappeared as she went deeper into the cave. The shadows held her hands as she climbed the gigantic boulders. Ready to discover the cave’s secrets.

Centipedes and spiders scuttled away as she approached the depths of the cave. Her breath reverberated and the eerie dripping of water echoed on the walls . As she treaded through the narrow tunnels she approached a small clearing. Blue lights danced on the walls while a tiny grey pebbles shaped a small pool. The water was a murky grey and as she touched it, a shudder ran through her body. Ripples formed on the edges as her finger came in contact with the cool water. Something was shining in the sand. Curious, she plunged her hand into the ice-cold pool. She grabbed empty spaces, desperate to find something in its depths. She felt something sharp pierce her hand.

Wincing, she retracted and examined the cut. It was a tiny slash but burned like she had placed her hand in fire. Licking her hand she plunged her right one in the same area as she felt around trying to grasp something. She felt something hard slip into her hand. Exasperated, she slid it out of the water to find a two gleaming gems sitting in her hand, looking up at her.

She reached into the pool eager to find more. As she touched it, the light diminished, stranding her in the darkness. The shadows laughed around her as she released her hands from the water’s grasp. Trembling, she stood up and the shadows entrapped her body. She wobbled towards the narrow tunnels, desperate to find light once again.

Article Credits: T.D.

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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