See the Bigger Picture (2 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Masumah Jannah

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Do you ever look at strangers and ponder on the fact that everyone is so busy living their own little lives? I do this sometimes, sat in the car, watching people as the world whizzes by outside. I might see someone carrying their shopping home. But what’s home to them? Is it a nice cozy house with a lovely family to go back to, or are they going home to a stressed and strained relationship? Or are they homeless?

It’s quite bizarre when you think about it all. We’re all so busy living our own little lives, we never consider that it’s not just our world that’s playing out on the surface of the Earth. There’s actually so many different worlds being enacted simultaneously to each other. There are so many different emotions being felt, languages been spoken, lives being lived and lost as you read this very sentence. Some of these worlds collide with each other whilst others completely miss one another. We’re actually like fireflies, all buzzing around the treetops, the trails we leave behind sometimes intersect and sometimes we meet each other. But we’re all busy on our own little journey through life, flitting from here to there…trying to find our place in existence.

Today might be the happiest day of your life, but the most distressing day for someone else. The truth is…the world doesn’t stop spinning for anyone and even in your lowest moments when you feel the world has completely ended, think about this: YOUR world isn’t THE world. Your world might have collapsed in that one moment, but the Earth still has to sustain life for everyone else. Your vision may be clouded with doom and gloom, whilst others are living their most joyous moments and making memories they’ll treasure for a lifetime.

It’s so easy to only see one version of life, but there isn’t really one, there’s actually 7.5 BILLION. Each and every single one of us having a different outlook, seeing the universe through a c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e-l-y different perspective. You only see the world through your eyes, and therefore only this one corner that belongs to you. It’s like being sat at the window, looking out at the scenery and feeling as though the universe has come to a standstill as your dreams become shattered when in reality you can’t see the party that’s just rolling into action over the hills. You’re sat here, safe and sound, comfortable reading (and hopefully enjoying) this post, whilst there’s a child who’s starving in Africa; a family who have been torn to pieces by warfare, a newborn baby who’s taken its very first breath. So wipe the fog off the window and look beyond the horizon!

Think about the bigger picture… It’s quite amazing in some ways. I suppose the thing is that we are all so engrossed in our own lives, entwined in our own worries and joys…but at the end of the day that’s what makes the world go round. Each of us playing out our own lives makes that piece in the clockworks click into place, and ultimately makes the clock tick!

We’re all a blur in existence, don’t you think? Click here, to read more!

Article Credits: Masumah Jannah

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

21 thoughts on “See the Bigger Picture (2 min read)”

  1. Yes – in fact , whenever I see media ( tv / newspapers…) I feel sad as 80-90% are sad news 😦 BUT … whenever I read millionaires digest , I found people having motivation or trying to improve yourself or sharing better ideas ( even how overcoming your sad experiences.. etc).

    I will check yours !


  2. This post makes you stop and think. Which is excellent. I absolutely agree that we become so engrossed in our lives, our very ‘little’ lives as you said, that we forget to realise all that happens around us, all the lives we are surrounded by. The uniqueness of these thousands of lives that we are surrounded by.

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