The Benefits of Keeping Yourself Busy (1 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Jason Luna

Founder & Owner of: My Happy Little Blog

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“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” – Francis Of Assisi

Dear readers, did you know that research shows that the busier people are, the HAPPIER they are? Wait… What? You do! Then this post is for YOU!

Keeping ourselves busy on productive things like the things that we are passionate about creates a major difference in our lives.

Some people will ask, Why do we need to keep ourselves busy? Can we not?

The answer is very simple. Unconsciously, everyone’s always busy in our own different ways – but unfortunately, we get easily distracted by more activities that are flying around here and there that makes our productivity go to waste.

Being frequently occupied doesn’t necessarily mean we’re missing out on other things life has to offer. We just get to prioritize ourselves first above anything else. It’s actually pretty mutual to adding spices to your dishes. It just makes it more interesting and satisfying.

 When making ourselves busy we get a chance to have a deeper understanding of ourselves; we learn more about the things that we love doing, things that intimidate us; and the things that require reinforcements. Also, we get to learn the balance of life and work and get to find some happiness from it.

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By the way, just to make it clear. We are human beings and BUSY is our last name.

Busy teaches us self-discipline, proper time management, and sets our imagination free; well at least for me. It helped me in a lot of ways and maybe you too.

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Keeping ourselves busy will improve us as a man – our lifestyles, our well-being, and our way of seeing things. We learn to read between the lines and to value what is there “NOW”.

Good thing is that you can make yourself busy on every possible activity you want to invest your time on; Reading, Writing, Cooking, Blogging, Peer-sharing, Arts & Crafts, Automotive, Carpentry, Helping other people… etc. Learn something new every day!

Procrastination and third-degree laziness will never do us any good. Keep the fire burning, oh yeah-! Do yourself a favor now, and Always Keep Yourself Busy.

I hope these words helped you. Have a wonderful day.

Article Credits: Jason Luna

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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