What is Constant? (1 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: T.D.

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Change. The irony here is unbelievable. Seriously though, change is constantly around us. It’s there when a simple smile turns into a frown, when the sun comes out after rain, when we wear new clothes or get a haircut. It’s always there. Yet, somehow we cringe at the idea of change. Some of us, think the world is perfect and nothing should change.

If nothing did change, what would we talk about? Would the world just be boring? Think of it this way: What if I wrote a story where the character never did anything? He just kept walking in a tunnel and neither the tunnel nor him changed at the end? We’d probably stop reading or fall asleep at the first paragraph. Or how about a song. Imagine if Ed Shreean’s “Shape of you” had one word for the lyrics and no change in rhythms? No variation? Could it be a top hit?

Personally, I love change. But remember consistency is important too. Most of you may be thinking: How can change and consistency run side by side? They’re complete opposites. Like magnets, these c‘s attract. Maybe you could change your method of speaking yet still do it consistently everyday. I once read in a dog book, yes a dog book, that consistency is very important for training. it ensures that your dog is prepared for training and gets enough practice, eventually making life easier for the dog and the trainer. I learnt this is important for our lifestyle too. It ensures our body is prepared and ready, allowing organization of the mindset. Consistency, makes way for change. By practicing the guitar or the piano consistently, you improve and your mindset and response towards the instrument changes. After a while, you change your style and soon your better than before. Even though you changed you are still consistently playing the guitar everyday and continue to change. See how this works out? A cycle. Like the Circle of Life.

Change. When we think about it, it can be good or bad. How do we know whether it’s good or bad? We don’t. Remember how scientists exploited green house gases for a noble cause for their own population and now global warming is on everyone’s heads? That’s why its important to take all the factors into change. Think about others and how they feel. Changing a relationship? Think about how your friend thinks of you and the new friend, you’re leaving her for, treats you. Observe others around you and make a hypothesis. Think of how you’ll change.

Think about feelings. Everyday we change. 10 million times our feelings change. Can we control this? Yes. Its your own mind after all! Try to look at things differently. Act properly or appropriately. Consistently changing your outlook will eventually lead to change and further improvement and brain development when it comes to reactions.

 Keep change constant. (Otherwise you’ll never have fun.)

Article Credits: T.D.

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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