10 Things Your Teenager Wants to Tell You (2 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Rowenna Hoskin

Founder & Owner of: Rowperspective

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Books, Fashion & Style and Successful Living Writer

Teenagers are notoriously hard to live with, but have you ever considered that it is parents that are the hard ones to live with? Here are ten things that all kids, whether they’re at primary school or sixth form, want to tell their parents.

1. Never EVER call another student’s parents if they have been ‘mean’ to us. I know it seems like the right thing to do but trust me when I say, children do not react well if their parents side with the victim. They usually hit back that much harder because they want to punish the victim for the shame or humiliation their parents inflicted. It is usually best to just go to the teacher to sort it out subtly and with more authority, (unless the bullying is more severe than the average playground drama) if they don’t do anything then we have to just remove ourselves from the situation if possible.

2. The general rule of thumb is to not take photos you would not want us to see. We will get past your password no matter the combination. After all we are the technology generation.

3. We may seem hard to live with but to us, your incessant nagging and unnecessary comments are the reasons we roll our eyes. We have more important things to worry about than if our rooms are messy.

4. You may think you are only trying to help when we are trying to do something like homework. You may wonder why we snap at you when you tell us what you think is right. In our minds, this can actually make it worse. We get stressed and frustrated if we cannot do something and do not always want to accept defeat. Instead, let us take a break and relax and then if we still don’t want your help when we start again just accept it.

5. Be the role model of the house. It is unbelievably hypocritical if you tell us not to swear and then swear constantly or swear at us when you are mad. We know just as many words as you, possibly more, so do not think that we couldn’t hit back just as forcefully.

6. Bad grades are not the end of the world. Okay, so we don’t always get what you expect of us but in truth do you always succeed? No, no one is perfect. If we do not try hard at school that does not mean we’re dumb it just means that that specific way of teaching doesn’t suit us. Just look at Richard Branson. He is the 19th richest person in the world, worth a whopping $4.9 billion. Interestingly, he was a low achiever at school and found school a struggle, now I am not saying that if we are achieving Us we are going to become that successful. No, I’m simply saying that our lives are not over if we do not get straight As despite popular belief.

7. Do not be offended if we do not tell you everything about our lives. Lots of us like our privacy and depending on how you are as parents, we may just not feel up to letting you in or discussing our problems with yet another judgement passing individual.

8. Results day- we’re nervous as hell. We do not need you projecting your anxiety on us. Yeah, we realize you are nervous too but it is not helpful. On top of this, do not insist on coming with us if we have said specifically that we don’t want you to. We are not trying to offend you, for lots of us it’s simply because we don’t want to disappoint you if we end up failing. By not having you looking over our shoulder as we open them, it means that we have time to get over it ourselves before you start reacting too which if happens simultaneously can become immensely overwhelming.

9. With age should come more trust, as well as equal respect. If we do not respect the trust you give us then withdrawing privileges is fair enough, but you have to give us a chance to prove ourselves.

10. Treat us as equals. Do not put our ideas down when we suggest alternative opinions or views. Yeah, they may be wrong but educate us rather than dismiss them as if we do not know anything. It is not unheard of that you may be wrong and we are right. This type of debating is the only way we can learn, by dismissing our views conveys that our opinions do not matter which often leads to feelings of worthlessness or stupidity when in actual fact we just have different ways of thinking. Respect our views and we will respect yours.

Article Credits: Rowenna Hoskin

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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